Partner Massage: The Gift that can Keep Giving


We often forget or do not even realize how touch is essential for our psychological and physiological development.  Many people have not been taught positive, healthy boundaries, and so it is common for people to associate touch solely with sexuality.  Plenty of people do not hug or touch express affection to a friend, their children, or family members.

However, skin sensitivity is one of the earliest developed functions. The first communication we all receive as infants is through the skin, and is essential for adequate physical and psychological development. Even when given all the food they need, human infants with failure-to-thrive syndrome can continue to deteriorate without intervention that involves nurturing touch. 

In a world of over stimulation, the need for touch does not go away as we grow older.  Learning partner massage is an excellent way to give touch that is healthy, respectful, and communicates love. In our highly mechanized medical system, healthy touch is a therapeutic, non-surgical, and non-drug practice that has numerous benefits such as maintaining circulation and range of motion, two things if not addressed can create the conditions for the need for surgery and pain killers.

In a partner massage class, you not only learn therapeutic techniques, you also learn about developing your own way of listening to the other person through verbal and non verbal cues.  Developed kinesthetic sense is even associated with mental acuity and is good for your brain!

Healthy touch is not just a luxury; it is vital. We are living in a time period when the need to develop our propensity for compassion is imperative.  Respectful touch asks permission, honors the right to be heard, and has the power to deliver love.  

Consider giving this as a gift for Valentines Day this year! Throughout February you can schedule a private 2 hour partner massage class, hosted by Sustainable Health Choices.  You will learn relaxing and therapeutic techniques that you can easily do at home, and you receive guided one-on-one attention from a licensed massage therapist.  This class is open to pregnant women as well.

25% of proceeds will be donated to the Kentucky Home Birth Coalition, which seeks to license certified professional midwives in Kentucky. 

For more information, contact:

Kammaleathahh Livingstone


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