One Point for Every Dollar Spent!

Don’t forget to use your account each time you shop because points will add up and you’ll get special deals simply by being a member.

With your Rainbow Rewards account, you get one point for every dollar you spend! Rewards come in many ways, so be sure to scan your card for every single matter how small!

You can even track your rewards, see your receipts, and customize your shopping list to match your lifestyle preferences!

To sign-up, just download the app for iPhones, Andriod, OR create an account on our website!

View step-by-step LOGIN instructions for Online, iPhone, and Droid.

See Monthly Sale Items + Get Special Coupons

Most of our monthly sale items will be uploaded to your account. You can save your favorites to your shopping list! You'll also get special deals only available to Rainbow Rewards members

Annual Rebate Gift Certificates

  • Get a 1% rebate when you spend an average of $83/month. ($1000-2099 annually).
  • Get a 2% rebate when you spend an average of $176/month ($2100-4499 annually).
  • Get a 3% rebate when you spend an average of $376/month ($4500-6899 annually).
  • Get a 4% rebate when you spend an average of $576+/month ($6,900+ annually).

*Annual rebates do not apply to Rainbow Blossom employees, Wellness Ambassadors, Wholesale Members, or anyone with a special discount. *All rebates are issued as Gift Certificates in January each year.

Bonus Rewards on Your Favorite Products

Hundreds of qualifying nutritional supplements, grocery items, and body care products found every day at all five store locations. When you reach the point payoff level for a participating brand, a coupon to purchase more of that brand will be emailed or mailed to you.


Questions regarding Rainbow Rewards? Please email or call Carolyn, Director of New Business Strategy, at 502-498-2340.