Hockey Wisdom?

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I read somewhere recently that Wayne Gretzky said “You miss one-hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.”

Now, I know nothing about hockey.  I barely knew that Wayne Gretzky played hockey.  But I do know something about missed opportunity.  

So often people don’t take the shot, don’t go for the opportunity because they have a safety tape playing in their heads.  They think it is too risky.  They are afraid of failure.  

I’m not saying a safer choice isn’t sometimes the right one.  But if you have a passion, if you have a dream of creating a life, a business, a goal worth trading your life for, then something I heard a wise man say last night is worth keeping in mind.  

“Fear is not fatal to humans, but it can be the death of your dreams.” – Daniel D. Matthews

We need a new relationship with fear.  We need not to reject it as bad, but to understand it is a constant companion on the road to something new.  When we know that we can embrace it as a messenger that we are on the right road, that we have stepped across that threshold of where we have gone before and are on the highway to our dream.

When we can embrace our fears and harness that energy, we can take the shot, and though we will not hit 100% of them, our rate will be much higher than the 0% we would have it without shooting.

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