Are you a health and wellness practitioner looking for a home for your practice? We have an open office at our Wellness Center and are looking for someone to join our team of Wellness Center practitioners. Right now we have health coaches, massage therapists, nutritionists, a Qi Gong specialist, EFT specialist, holistic nurse practitioner, and a homeopathic doctor. If you think your practice would be a good fit, please inquire about the space with our Wellness Center manager, Kathy Thompson at 502.339.5090 or

Rainbow Blossom Wellness Center is a one-stop for resources, education, and products for mind and body health. The Wellness Center is a natural extension of Rainbow Blossom's mission of being a resource for improving the quality of life for the Louisville community, partnering with wellness professionals. We will also have a full service demo kitchen available for cooking classes and public educational workshops.

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The practitioners with offices in the Rainbow Blossom Wellness Center are not employees of Rainbow Blossom. They each have their own business and we have formed a partnership with them. Please contact them directly for appointment scheduling.

To get more information on the space rental options, please contact Kathy Thompson, Wellness Center Manager, at

Host YOUR Event in our Kitchen!

Our new, state-of-the-art kitchen - with appliances supplied by GE Appliances - is ready to host your event! This space is excellent for

  • cooking classes
  • DIY make and take workshops
  • lectures involving food
  • or...what's your idea?

Download this PDF to learn more about pricing and logistics of using our kitchen at the Wellness Center.

Wellness Practitioners

The gift of Wellness is truly the perfect gift for everyone in your life. Gift Cards from our Wellness Practitioners will be available through reaching them personally and at our Wellness Center customer service desk through the holidays! Practitioner gift packages include, but are not limited to:

Gift cards and packages from Sustainable Health Choices. 

Gift cards from Create Your Life.

Sarah Teeple

Ladybird Holistic

I am a holistic wellness counselor, a yoga teacher, and nutrition and meditation coach. I specialize in helping women with busy, full lives practice the highest level of self-care, so they can feel energetic, beautiful, lose weight, de-stress, be more productive and loving, and live the best version of their life! 

Using concepts of whole-food nutrition, yoga, and mindfulness, my approach is fun, and most importantly effective! It will change your entire life, just like it did mine. 


Simply Transforming offers our Zen Wellness Works Program. In this system, we utilize Qi Gong's holistic practices which are: coordinated body movements, abdominal breathing, and meditation. This is used to improve and maintain health and longevity as it; increase and circulate energy throughout the body. Our program is ideal for anyone looking to gently restore flexibility and strength without straining while calming the mind. Our students start to notice the benefits once they have completed the Level 1 Movement Series. 


Carol Ryan RN, MSN HNB-BC

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Carol Ryan is a holistic nurse who has extensive experience in psychiatric nursing and is certified in Integrative Imagery providing group and individual sessions to access inner wisdom for healing using an interactive dialogue to explore thoughts, promote coping, and help the client reach individualized goals.  She is a mind-body practitioner offering Reiki, an ancient Japanese art, to promote healing through connecting with the body’s natural energies through her healing hands and offers other holistic modalities to manage stress, decrease pain, promote comfort, and restore balance for clients.

Phone: 502-298-3932


Kammaleathahh Livingstone

Sustainable Health Choices

Sustainable Health Choices offers structural bodywork, and massage, while advocating for whole foods plant based diets. We stand by pro-active approaches to healthcare that help you expand youropen-heartedness; think more clearly; and move with greater ease.

This view is connected to practices such as:
•    meditation and working with thoughts and emotions.
•    developing awareness and changing restricted tissue through structural integration and therapeutic massage.
•    building a healthy gut and immune system.
•    supporting a nervous system resilient to the high stress demands of our modern world.

We do this through workshops, and massage and bodywork modalities such as structural integration, and tibetan acupressure.

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Kammaleathahh Livingstone, Jennifer Coyle, or Danielle Story

Phone: 502-265-5849


I am a Wellness, Empowerment, Mindset & Business Coach.   I will show you how to Create a Life, Body and Business You Love♥  My programs include Energize: 21 Days to a New You Nutrition Program, Passion to Profit, Energy Management and Money Magnet. I am a Certified Nutritionist, Life & Business Coach, Clinical Master Herbalist and Tibetan Acupressure Practitioner.

Phone: 502-314-4584


Dr. Lisa Tostado

VitaBliss Naturopathy

Hello, my name is Dr. Lisa Tostado and I am trained in Naturopathic Medicine.  It is a distinct form of health care, where our goal is to discover the underlying root cause of disease, treat the whole person, and stimulate the body’s self- healing process using natural based therapies such as whole food nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, and lifestyle counseling. 




Using non invasive energy healing methods we are able to allow the body to heal and release old traumas, emotions, and other negative energies to improve overall health and well being.  These methods also enable athletes to perform at their peak and allows the body to heal physical injuries faster and more completely.  Because these methods work at the energetic level, they can be adapted for a wide variety of issues, both physical and emotional.

Phone: 502-819-8200