We’re switching to a point-based system where you’ll earn a point for every dollar spent (some promotions will be double or triple point purchases) and the points will accumulate- for every 250 points, you’ll earn $5. No need for an app, our system will track everything for you. Point accumulations will be printed on your receipts, so you’ll always know where you stand and you can choose to use or save your rewards.

Already have a Rainbow Rewards account? We’ve been working behind the scenes to ensure a smooth transition to this new program. Your purchases being made now are already accumulating points and your rewards will automatically appear in your account when we officially roll over to the new system. We’ve been working to make it the very best for loyal shoppers like you- we think we’ve finally got it!

New to Rainbow Rewards? Signing up is simple! You can sign up in store (as of April 1, 2019) or sign up online by filling out the form below! If signing up online, you’ll receive an account number via email.

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