New Thought Patterns for 2014

By Rebecca Geracitano, CHt.

Before the New Year I thought over what I might do to clean out the old to make room for the new. Besides my messy home office I wanted to go a bit deeper. Knowing how powerful our thoughts can be, and how they greatly influence our reality, I thought I would assess mine. My thoughts went to a book I have at home by Greg Braden, "The Divine Matrix, Bridging Time, Space, Miracles and Belief". I had read most if it a couple years ago but several months ago it caught my eye on the bookshelf and I decided to open the book just to see where I would land. I came upon the chapter called "Reading the Mirrors of Relationship: Messages From Ourselves" where he discussed one of the "Five Ancient Mirrors of Relationship" and told a story about himself that described one of these mirrors: The Mirror of "Reflections of What We Judge in the Moment”.  The story is about his relationship with three people who worked for him. He had put great trust in them but upon coming back from one of his out of town engagements, he discovered that his bank account had been cleaned out.

After a great amount of anger and normal thoughts of retribution, he speaks with a dear friend who tells him a story about someone taking something very important of his. His friend’s response when asked what he did about it was, “I did nothing, because she lives with what she has done”. After leaving his friend he thought about what his response meant for his own life and current situation. He concluded that this event was showing him about his self. It didn't really matter that the people were wrong in what they did because they would have to own their actions their whole life and face that themselves, similar to the idea of karma.

What was important was that he understand the message and identify what underlying energies or steadfast beliefs he was extending to those people that would have attracted them to him in the first place. Finally, he understands that because he has always been an honest, truthful person and highly values trust and integrity, he has always held a stern underlying judgment toward others if they were not. He began to recall how over and over people throughout his life had violated his honesty, trust and integrity until the cleaning out of his bank account made him take notice and face this particular mirror. What he understood is that these three people “were not showing him who he was but rather was showing him the things he judges”. They were at the core of something that affected his whole life to such an extent that he could now no longer ignore it. It was a lesson for him to clear out this old pattern so he could embrace his life with even more love and genuine accomplishment.

Greg invites us to recognize our own mirrors and to examine our relationships with people who are closest to us. To acknowledge the traits and characteristics of those that seem to irritate us to no end and then ask the following question: Are these people showing me myself in this moment? (Greg’s first mirror: “Reflections of the Moment”) If the gut reaction is “yes” then you will know they are demonstrating and reflecting an aspect of yourself you might be unaware of. If the answer is “no” then it might be something deeper. They might be showing you the reflection of “the things you judge in life.” To become aware of these mirrors is the beginning of healing these patterns within us if they are no longer serving us.

Greg Braden's mirror concept demonstrates those things that over the years become ingrained within us because of all of life’s complexities. It is sometimes very hard to see just see what we are doing and attracting unless we stop (daily) and look at the synchronicities’ in our life. They often are pointing right at the solution. The great mystic, Edgar Cayce often said “watch self go by”. With right awareness we can see the situations and people in our life as reflections of what energy we are giving out and attracting to ourselves. Perhaps other questions we can ask ourselves: What is my hand in this situation? What have my thought patterns been like lately? What judgments, what expectations or even stereotypes have I been holding of others? Are my thoughts expansive, helpful, loving, and thoughtful or are they based on my fears and come out as judgmental, critical or stereotypical?  The mirror concept can become a tool to assess what part we might be able change, since we all know we cannot change others we can at least start with ourselves.

What ways of thinking would you like to change? What ingrained pattern would you like to become more deeply aware of that might be influencing you? Once you begin to notice these thoughts you can create new neural pathways. One way to reverse these ways of thinking is to create positive affirmations for yourself. These will empower you and begin that needed shift in your thought processes. Meditating, reading books, journaling, and talking it over with someone about your own responses is helpful. It may take some time but it’s worth it. If you need help, hypnosis and the various methods of regression I offer are also great tools in discovering and applying new thought patterns. I wish you great new thoughts, ideas and outcomes in your life for 2014!

Rebecca Geracitano, CHt. offers Present and Past Life Regressions, Life Between Lives Regressions, and Quantum Healing Regression and well as hypnosis for habits, issues and stress release. Rebecca can be reached at 502-468-1894,,

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