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Rainbow Blossom Wellness Center | 3608 Springhurst Blvd. | Louisville, KY 40241


Rainbow Blossom Wellness Center is a one-stop for resources, education, and products for mind and body health. The Wellness Center is a natural extension of Rainbow Blossom's mission of being a resource for improving the quality of life for the Louisville community, partnering with wellness professionals. We will also have a full service demo kitchen available for cooking classes and public educational workshops.

The practitioners with offices in the Rainbow Blossom Wellness Center are not employees of Rainbow Blossom. They each have their own business and we have formed a partnership with them. Please contact them directly for appointment scheduling.


Are you a health and wellness professional looking for a home for your practice?

We're seeking team-oriented professionals. If you think your practice would be a good fit, please inquire about the space with Summer Auerbach at 502-498-2351.

Host YOUR Event in our Kitchen!

Our new, state-of-the-art kitchen - with appliances supplied by GE Appliances - is ready to host your event! This space is excellent for

  • cooking classes

  • DIY make and take workshops

  • lectures involving food

  • or...what's your idea?

Download this PDF to learn more about pricing and logistics of using our kitchen at the Wellness Center.

Wellness Professionals at the Wellness Center

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Suwannee Norwood | Total Body Massage

Suwanee Norwood is a Massage Therapist in Louisville, Ky. She utilizes Total Body Massage, whose goal is to help each person feel better in their body one massage at a time. You can reach her at and you can book an appointment with her through by coming into the Wellness Center or calling us at 502-339-5090.

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Chris Kent

Since 2014, Chris Kent been active as a Vibrant Living Facilitator helping people across Kentuckiana feel great mind, body, heart, and spirit. He is trained and certified in Weight Loss, Nutritional Therapy, Detox (Cleansing), Personal Fitness Cooking, Ho’oponopono, and Neuro Linguistic Programming. His path to helping others began when he overcame chronic illness and released over 25% of my body weight. He believes that health and emotional freedom is your birthright and with the right support, you can begin feeling more vital today.

Services Offered: Weight Loss Counseling, Nutritional Counseling, Stress Reduction, Emotional Freedom, Healthy Lifestyle Coaching, Detox/Cleansing, Healthy Cooking Classes, How To Be Gluten Free, Home Pantry Upgrade, 1-On-1 Grocery Shopping

Email:  Phone: 618-694-2644


Amy Renee Greco

Amy always felt a calling to serve others, and her life came into balance more than ever once she found that Reiki Therapy was an avenue to satisfy this calling.  Amy is a Certified Reiki Master who also provides Infrared Heating Mat sessions to her clients. 

Reiki is a Japanese holistic healing technique used for stress reduction, anxiety relief, relaxation, pain management, and is used to promote natural healing. 

The Infrared Heating Mat is used for deep relaxation, stress tension, anxiety, stimulates natural weight loss, aids metabolism, improves health, blood circulation, provides sauna-level cleansing and detoxification of heavy metals and cellular waste, helps with blood pressure, sugar regulation, increases joint, muscle, and weak tissue support, pain relief, improves immune system.

To schedule an appointment with Amy: 502-548-1525,,

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