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Often in classes on crystals and stones, you get the basic facts about what particular stones are supposed to do, but then what do you do with this information? Bill Schook of Earth Circle Creations will take participants beyond the basics of stones to the next level.


At this presentation: those who do not feel energies will feel something; those who already feel, will know something is going on; those who already know something is going on will start to float; those who can already float will start to fly; those who can already fly, will let go.

Participants should bring the stones they already have and they will learn how to play with them and to take them to that next level. 


Bill Schook is an ordained minister, a Reiki Master/Teacher, a member of the Dinshah Society, a part of the Kentuckiana Holistic Nurses Association, a shamanic practitioner, a Medicine Man of the Oklevueha Native American Church of Ohio and a certified medical intuitive. 

Rainbow Blossom Springhurst