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This is the first of the 5 Essentials of Health Workshops:

Your choices, their future

Did you know that the health choices you make affect the health of everyone in your family? In a culture where lifestyle choices are leading to children with shorter life expectancies than their parents, it is important that your loved ones have a positive example to model after. Our Raising Healthy Families Workshop will give you the tools and information to help make better decisions for your family that prevent disease and actively develop real health. Understand:

·         Why nutritional choices can mean failure or success for your child.

·         The dangerous effects of Adderall for children and adults

·         How to set the best example of a healthy, stress-free mindset for your family

·         How to eliminate sources of toxins from your home

Drs Xavier Counts  & Elizabeth Tamminga. Middletown Family Chiropractic is the first Maximized Living clinic to serve Louisville. We are on our mission to change the health of our city through the five essentials.

Register for this event at 502-253-6770

Monday, July 14 at 7pm. Rainbow Blossom Middletown



Earlier Event: July 13
Later Event: July 17