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Mini Iridology Health Assessment Readings and Mini Magnet Therapy for Natural Pain Relief

Health and Emotional Balance Regained Naturally.

Come enjoy a free 10 minute Iridology session with Terry Wagers. Certified Iridologist, Master Herbalist, EFT, Health Coach. Or choose a free 10 minute Magnet Therapy session with Invonne Lagunez CHP, LMT, Reiki Master. Or indulge yourself and have both!

Iridology/Herbalogy can help you address health concerns such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, digestive disorders, skin problems, vitality, obesity and emotional imbalances.

Proclaimed throughout the ages as "Windows of the Soul" the eyes are mirrors of the body and likened to miniature television screens recording the condition of organs and tissues of the body.

The iris is like a fingerprint. Color, pigmentation and structure of the iris provide information about your health and well being.

Magnet therapy can be a source of natural pain relief. This therapy helps regenerate the injured cells to improve blood flow in tissues and reduce inflammation. This is safe, non-invasive and without side effects.

Saturdays, June 7 and 21, noon to 3:00pm at Rainbow Blossom New Albany
Rainbow Blossom New Albany.