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This workshop is an introduction in learning to understand and work with the energy that you feel from other people, places and objects. Some people naturally feel emotional energy from other people. For these empathic people learning to process and understand this external influence is an important skill.

For those completely new to this topic, learning to increase your awareness of energy in the world around you can help you find greater connection with, and interest in the larger world.

The world is composed of energy which people can learn to feel and even see if they are inclined to do so. During the workshop we will work on understanding how emotional energy interacts between people and why some people affect your emotions so strongly. We will practice with learning to feel different, specific types of energy from people, objects and places and also learn to balance and integrate energetic impressions with the logical mind, so that your skills become practical and useful to you in the physical world.

Presenter: Louse Smith, MA. Louise has been published in and featured in Natural Awakenings Magazine. She has background in psychology and has trained for several years in an Appalachian tradition of working with energy directly. She has been working to help assist people overcome personal challenges and expand awareness in various ways for the last 20 years.

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Free Event

At Rainbow Blossom Highlands

Earlier Event: October 11
Later Event: October 14