New Year, True You - Blog Post

January 2019


This new year, let’s make more than resolutions, let’s clear the obstacles from the path and make way for a new you- the true you.  Underneath the heaps of should and coulds, tucked away under the wants and needs, find the ares.  That’s what I’m talking about- what you are. Your parents probably think they know, your siblings, your partner, your friends, your co-workers.  But they don’t.  And the secret is, friends, chances are neither do you. 

I read once that the universe hides strange jewels deep within us all, then waits and watches to see if we can find them*.  This is what they refer to as “A Call to Action”, my friends.  Make time for this treasure hunt.  Meditate and set your intentions, prepare yourself for what you might find.  What is hidden within you?


Love, Light and Gratitude,

Andrea Faye McGrath

Wellness Manager, Rainbow Blossom



*Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert

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