Meet Wellness Ambassador, Jessi Alexander

"There is a lot more to yoga than just the practice of the asanas/postures."

Name: Jessi Alexander


What is your professional field of wellness?

Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa (Hatha Flow) Yoga Instructor both classes and private lessons; physical assists to help aid in proper alignment; nutrition

How did you get into this line of work?

I started in 2007 when a friend told me it could help my knee, which I still suffered from an athletic injury.  I actually started in the Bikram practice, but always felt there was something missing.  Once I discovered the practice of Hatha with all of the spirituality, study of the Sutras, pranayama (breath practices), etc. I found what was missing.  There is a lot more to yoga than just the practice of the asanas/postures.

How does your work contribute to the wellness of our community?

Everyday we, as the team at Your Yoga, are helping people.  We have helped with health issues, both physical and mental.  We have given people a place of non-judgement that they can come and be them self and learn the gift of yoga.  We offer classes for all people; we have built a safe community where all are welcome.

Why do you love Rainbow Blossom? 

Because of their continued support of Your Yoga.  I also love all of the purchase options I have available to me; not only grocery, but all of the other items that help contribute both to my personal yoga practice and to the studio.  And, for adding Life Bar!

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