Meet Wellness Ambassador Lindsay Rasche

"Empowered women are the backbone of society, we all know that!"


Name: Lindsay Rasche


What is your professional field of wellness?                                                                              Birth Doula CD(DONA) with a side of certified (longtime) yoga teacher RYT200, certified holistic wellness coach through IIN and trained in essential oil use specific for prenatal/postnatal use through Aromas for Healing

What got you into this field?                                                                                                      First, by a yoga student asking me to be with her at her birth. Fought the idea, then finally agreed, started the training, attended her birth, LOVED IT and hit the ground running. You can read about that whole story on my website.

How does your work impact the community?                                                                   Becoming a mother is a life altering experience. If it can be done lovingly and holistically it can really impact the way a woman begins her journey into motherhood. Beginning motherhood feeling supported, empowered and in tune with the power of her own body can help mama take on the new role with strength, thus familiarizing the kiddo with a sense of strong community, courage and esteem. It can all start at the moment of birth. Empowered women are the backbone of society, we all know that!

Why do you love Rainbow Blossom?                                                                                       When I was a teenager and would come to "the city" Rainbow Blossom was always my first stop. It was cozy and smelled good and really opened up my small town brain to the world of "natural." Now I take my kids there for after school dates, if they're sick or for post swim treats, etc. The idea that my kids get that same cozy feeling and get to see people caring about their health while we're in there is priceless for me. Generations of community all under one roof. 

This Wednesday, Lindsay will be set up at our Wellness Center from 10am-12pm to discuss her work as a doula. If you have any questions about doula work, come on in and she will be ther to help you. Lindsay is also a quilter, yoga instructor, urban farmer, and more! Join us to talk about any of those things at Wellness Wednesday, June 14th.

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