November Featured Wellness Ambassador: Christine Alfred

What is your field/area of expertise?

I am a Corporate Wellness Director at Custom Fitness. I travel to different companies throughout Louisville and train their employees during the workday.

How did you get into this line of work?

I started teaching fitness classes as a student at the University of Northern Iowa. From there, I got a college internship working at a children's weight loss camp in San Diego. I quickly learned that helping other live a healthier life was my passion. 

How does your work contribute to the wellness of our community?

Corporate Wellness gives employees the opportunity to workout in the middle of their workday and get back home to their families. We teach our clients how to perform exercises effectively and safely, while giving them a break from their busy day. Many of our clients find it a great stress reliever and it improves their work productivity. 

Why do you love Rainbow Blossom?

I love coming to a grocery store where the products I buy are free from articulate flavors and preservatives. Their mission is similar to mine, helping people become a healthier version of themselves. Not only that, staff members are always so friendly and welcoming. 

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