Featured Wellness Ambassador: Kammaleathahh Livingstone

What is your field/area of expertise?

Massage Therapy, specifically deep tissue and fascial release work that helps people grow out of chronic pain patterns, and postural imbalances. Also Tibetan Acupressure, Prenatal massage, and Reiki.

How did you get into this line of work?

I decided to study massage therapy because of a series of Reiki sessions I had when I was 18. It had a profound effect on me and compelled me to study the human body and healing 7 years ago.  Over the years, I have studied multiple modalities. I am currently studying structural integration and fascial release work with Tom Myers.

Why do you love Rainbow Blossom?

I spend a lot of time at Rainbow Blossom (my office is in the Gardiner Lane location), and I get to experience first hand the knowledge and professionalism of the staff. I think they make all the difference in creating a positive atmosphere in the store. I have been to multiple health food stores throughout the U.S. and this is not always the case. Rainbow
Blossom puts in 110%  in helping people be healthy and find what they need.

Learn more about or connect with Kammaleathahh at www.SustainableHealthChoices.com.

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