Wellness Ambassador of the Month: Jenny Boice

Through our Wellness Ambassador program, Rainbow Blossom partners with professionals making a positive difference in our community, through health and wellness practices, education and more. Learn more about the program here.

Jenny Boice of Create Wellness

Jenny Boice of Create Wellness

My field/area of expertise:

I am a Clinical Master Herbalist, Nutritionist, Tibetan Acupressure Practitioner and Wellness Coach.  I help people discover which food and lifestyle choices work best for them to obtain optimal energy and health.  I specialize in working with gut problems, food allergies, fibromyalgia, anxiety, highly sensitive people and more.  I meet people where they are.  I love showing people how to shift their perception of food and to eat in a way that is both supporting and delicious!


How did I get into this line of work?

It was my own healing that led me here. I was chronically constipated since childhood. In my early 20's I began working with a GI doctor and was so happy to find a product called Miralax, which is a daily laxative.  It got things moving for me and I was happy.  As time went on though, things started slowing down again and I started bloating after meals.  Every time I went back to the doctor, they upped my dosage and wanted to add on more and more medications.  The doctors said I would be on this medication for the rest of my life.  It was then that I started questioning.  Why am I so constipated and bloated?  How can I heal my body?  These are the questions that began my path into alternative healing.

I began trying different ways of eating, fasting, cleansing, and juicing.  I became interested in plants and plant medicine.  The more I learned about alternative healing, the less interested I became in my job as a Project Manager.  I had a great career but my heart was yearning for more. I did an herbal apprenticeship with Susun Weed.  Then, I went back to school to become a Clinical Master Herbalist.  I love plants and their healing properties but the more I worked with people, the more I realized that if people really wanted to heal, herbs could help, but for lasting change, they'd have to change their eating.

So, I went back to school to become a Nutritionist. Most of what I learned about food though, I learned through my own body and life experience.  I learned what was causing my life long constipation and bloating was sensitivity to dairy, gluten and corn.  I learned the power of plants in a totally different way.  I learned how difficult it is to make changes to our eating and how awesome it felt once we did.  I learned how to adapt our way of eating to accommodate a 6 year old who now understands so much about food and enjoys cooking right alongside of me.  I also learned that there is an emotional component to our physical ailments.  I learned how deeply buried emotions can wreak havoc in our bodies and lives.  I love sharing what I’ve learned with others and helping them find a style of eating that best supports their bodies and families.


Why I LOVE Rainbow Blossom!

What I love about Rainbow Blossom is that they CARE!  They support local vendors by carrying a wide array of local products, they promote wellness advocates in the community and offer free trainings to the public.  RB employees are very knowledgeable and eager to help.  I feel confident that the products I buy from RB are of high quality and from a reputable source.  Most of all, I love the relationship that I have with Rainbow Blossom.  I feel like we are partners in promoting wellness in our community.

Learn more about Jenny at www.CreateWellness.me

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