Spring Cleaning

by Allison Singler

Are you planning a spring cleaning event at your abode?  It is certainly on my mind.  As the daylight streams into the house at a whole hour later these days I am noticing a lot more dust and clutter.  These thoughts are also preceded by the desire to get seeds sprouting and cleaning up the yard from a long, hard winter.  Dead things have to be removed so that new growth can emerge.  My husband and I are also looking forward to a three-day juice fast.  Well, he is looking forward to it as I plan and shop for it.  So there is a lot to do.

The house can wait.  My body and the yard can not.  The neighbors will be out and I don’t want them to have to look at dead, old potted plants and other debris left in the yard when the weather turned suddenly cold last year.  I also want to encourage those spring growths.

My body feels heavy from being cold, being trapped indoors, too much bad news and too much comfort food.  I’ve been good though, eating well, keeping up with yoga classes and yet it still doesn’t feel like enough.  So we are going to do an internal cleanse to kick off the season.  I believe that spring is a better time for New Year’s resolutions.  It is a time of  renewal, re-growth and beginnings.  A time for cleaning out the cobwebs, so to speak.

Seasonal cleansing has a long-standing spiritual tradition.  Almost every religion has some sort of fasting ritual—Lent, Ramadan, Yom Kippur, the Hindus and Buddhists believe in fasting to cleanse the body as well. (webmd.com) Yet, most of us have strayed away from this ritual due to any number of reasons.

“A study of anthropology gives plenty of evidence in Chinese medicine.” Detoxing is part of preventive medicine.  “For many cultures fasting helps people lighten up after a long winter, shed the extra winter fat layer that provided warmth.”(webmd.com) 

The idea behind fasting is to give your colon a rest.  Think about it, it is constantly working.  It also allows the rest of the toxin filtering organs such as the liver and kidneys to rest and deal with existing issues.  Our bodies are magnificent!  They put up with so much crap.  They are almost resilient!  However, those organs still trap toxins and need to be rinsed out like the filters on our furnace or air purifiers.  Too much crap makes us sick.  The liver is responsible for screening every molecule that circulates the body.  Any weakness or debility of the liver’s ability to clean the blood impacts every other organ system.  Many chronic health problems arise from “sluggish” liver function.  The liver is a detoxification powerhouse and it works to keep you healthy.  A spring cleanse or fast is an easy way to ensure that the liver maintains its healthy balance. That is why many cultures have seasonal fasting rituals. (alive.com)

Chris, my husband, and I plan to juice next week.  I went to Rainbow Blossom, St. Matthews today to purchase organic kale, ginger, apple, lemon, celery, beets, carrots for the juicer.  (I spent less than $30 on all the produce I needed to make several jars of juice)  I can’t say I am ready for a complete fast with no food intake and only water.  One of my clients is doing a 14 day water only fast and says that the clarity he is experiencing is amazing.  He can see things beyond this dimension.  In other words, he can see clearer.  I commend him for this.  He has done it before and found the experience very spiritual.  Amen!

This may not be for everyone.  Not for me yet.  I will aspire to clarity.  Chris and I also plan to do the Ionic Foot Spa every other day.  I think it is the easy way to detox.  The research and planning I’ve done to give my working husband proper nutrition while he continues to work heavy construction has been time consuming.    I know everyone has loads of time on their hands to be doing all kinds of planning for a proper detox!  (LOL) 

If you feel congested, low on energy, from too much food, the wrong kind of food or medications, a week of detox may help you feel better.

The Ionic Foot Spa does a great job of alleviating your body of toxins in an easy 30 minute foot soak.  If you don’t have the time to plan a proper fast, whether it be juice or water please consider the foot spa.  It is so easy.  Plan for four sessions, at least, for a seasonal body cleanse. If you have any questions about the Ionic Foot Spa or any other cleansing issues, please do not hesitate to call me.  I love the results I get from the Ionic Foot Spa instantly.  Clearer thinking, clearer sinuses, lightness and more energy are just a few of the benefits of the Ionic Foot Spa. 


Allison Singler, www.AllisonSingler.com, 502-439-5767.

Allison has been interested in complimentary health care for as long as she can remember. When she learned a few years ago how Negative Ions could benefit our health, she knew right away she had to share this with others.  She began using and promoting indoor air and water purifiers by EcoQuest, (now called Vollara). Then she found the Ionic Foot Spa and has been equally amazed with the results & testimonials.  Also, now certified by The Cleveland Clinic, a Curves Complete Coach.