Get a Rainbow Blossom tattoo, Get a 20% discount!

You’ve seen our temporary tattoos, but how about a REAL Rainbow Blossom tattoo?? Get one inked on your body and we'll give you a 20% discount in our stores FOR LIFE!!

The Fine Print:

  • This offer is good only during the month of September 2015. You must show your tattoo in person to our marketing staff no later than 5pm on September 30, 2015.
  • Tattoo must be the logo pictured here, the lotus with the rainbow. It must be the same colors, or simply a solid color outline.
  • Tattoo must be visible and not in a "private" area; must be easily seen in public.
  • At least one square inch in size.
  • You will receive an employee discount for life – all employee discount restrictions apply.
  • If you have it removed, we remove your discount ;)
  • Current employees do not get an additional discount, but will keep a 20% discount if they no longer work at Rainbow Blossom.

Let's see what you're made of, Louisville!

Ready to show off the real deal? Email us at or call 502-498-2340.