These classes will be held at Rainbow Blossom Highlands/Gardiner Lane. Please see events page for additional info and changes. All of the classes listed here are FREE. Space is limited; first come, first served. BYOM - Bring Your Own Mat. Yoga mats are available for purchase at the Highlands market.  We will have a number of free samples and demos during this event as well, with products from Naturally Calm, NeoCell, Vitanica, Victory Hemp Foods, Jun Bug Honey Soda, and more.

A Taste of Yoga 2017 is co-sponsored by 502 Power Yoga, and Victory Hemp Foods.

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NeoCell is an Event Supporter of Taste of Yoga 2017.

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Taste of Yoga 2017 Schedule


Sunday 3/19

12 Noon - Yoga for Depression with Jaime Seelmeyer of Omology

Class Length: 75 minutes

Class Description:  Yoga for Depression is appropriate for beginners and all levels of yoga practitioners. This class is designed to assist students in managing mood and depression. Many elements of yoga are utilized, including physical postures and movement, breath, mantra, meditation, and relaxation techniques. Various styles of yoga are practiced, including hatha, kundalini, vinyasa, gentle, yin, and restorative. Through class participation students can gain increased mind and body awareness, improved strength and confidence, increased self-compassion and acceptance, practical techniques for uplifting energy and mood, a deeper connection to the essential self, and more.

*This class is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition and is not a substitute for treatment by a healthcare provider. 

Instructor Info: Jaime began her yoga practice in 2014 as an outlet for stress while in graduate school and working as a student mental health therapist. She quickly learned that the benefits of yoga reached far beyond stress-management, discovering an unparalleled form of healing and management of her own anxiety and depression through yoga. Jaime is passionate about sharing the therapeutic elements of yoga with her students as they find inner strength, harmony, and peace. Her classes emphasize body alignment, breath, and energetic awareness. Jaime received her 200 hour training at Yogaia Yoga School in 2015. In 2017, Jaime opened Omology, a healing space that offers yoga from a mental health perspective, counseling, reiki, and holistic health classes and workshops. 

2pm - Hatha Yoga with Jessi Alexander of Your Yoga Louisville

your yoga logo.png

Class Length: 60 minutes

Class Description: Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with poses, or asanas, that are held for longer periods of time - five minutes or more per pose is typical. We will target the deep connective tissues around the lower spine, hips, and legs. In addition to asanas, a guided meditation will be provided for each pose to enable participants to let go of physical and mental tension that may have built up in the body. This class will be accessible for all body types and no yoga experience is required. 

Instructor Info: Andrea has been practicing yoga asanas for 9 years but has studied yoga philosophy her entire life. Andrea is well versed on the Vedic yoga tradition. In addition, Andrea has been trained in the Taoist yoga tradition and received her 200 hour yoga certification in 2014. Andrea has spread her love for Yin Yoga and yoga philosophy around Louisville for the past two years and is excited to continue sharing this passion with others

4pm - Intro to Lionflow Yoga with Glenn Brown of Lionflow Yoga Studio

lion flow logo.jpeg

Class Length: 90 minutes

Class Description: This class is open for all levels , and focuses on learning to move smoothly between postures , and gentle movements into powerful postures . It is a moving meditation focusing on having a conversation with your body instead of an argument. The sequence are eloquent, and a good challenge for regular practitioners to see what they are capable of outside of what they have already learned , learning to empty your cup . For new students this class can help you gain the strength & tools necessary to feel more confident walking into any yoga class . 

Instructor Info: Glenn Brown certified in Hsing-I Kung-fu & Qi-gong forms in 2001 in England at Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy. In 2002 he certified in Bikram Yoga in LA at Bikram Yoga Teacher Training. In 2010 he founded Lionflow Progressive Yoga & Arts based on his private practice & teaching methods . In 2016 he became an Adjunct Professor at IUS teaching accredited yoga classes . Also in 2016 he became Certified Tai Chi instructor through Dr. Paul Lam's Tai Chi Federation.

Currently he teaches at IUS for Healthy IU , and the College of Arts & Sciences , Lionflow Yoga Studio - , Pure Bikram Indiana - , and Yogaia Yoga School - . 

Monday 3/20

9:30am - Laughter Yoga with Melanie Rudolph

Class Length: 60 minutes

Class Description: Laugh, Breathe, Relax -- Get Happy and Healthy! Laughter Yoga is a global movement for health, joy and world peace. In this session Melanie Rudolph and Angela Greer, Certified Laughter Yoga Teachers, will lead you in a combination of yoga deep-breathing exercises, and get you moving with laughter exercises that make you feel more healthy and energetic. It's fun, silly and playful.
All you need is a willingness to laugh and play along. To complete the session, we will have a 15-minute guided relaxation exercise, so you may want to bring a towel, folded blanket or yoga mat to lie on. More Information on Laughter Yoga at

Instructor Info: Melanie R. Rudolph has been trained in Laughter Yoga since 2008. She is a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and Laughter Yoga Ambassador, affiliated with Laughter Yoga International University. She traveled to Mumbai, India in 2009 and 2012 to attend Laughter Yoga clubs within Mumbai and to receive additional training by the founder, Madan Kataria, M.D. She does private and group instruction. You can contact Melanie at or 502-424-2252. 

12 Noon – Bowspring with Charlotte Boyd

Class Length: 60 minutes

Class Description: Charlotte will help students move joyfully through an introductory Bowspring class. Bowspring is a dynamic postural template for optimal functionality and graceful movement for any body. A proportional, geometric relationship between the curves of the ribcage (heart), head and hips. Class will be fun and springy! Leaving students feeling light, empowered and strong. All bodies and experience levels are welcome! 

Instructor Info: Charlotte Boyd has been a practitioner and student of yoga for over ten years. She received her 200 hour teaching certification at Yogaia with Heidi Bartholomew in the Fall of 2015. You can find her about town teaching different styles of hatha and Bowspring to all bodies and experience levels. Mudras and meditations sneak their way into most of her classes so that students leave feeling a bit more mindful and grounded than when they entered. Charlotte's goal is to make each person in her space feel empowered in their body each class, be it their first or 500th time on the mat. Classes are fluid, playful, and accessible – everyone is welcome as they are! 

2pm - Power Vinyasa from Elizabeth Spears of Bend and Zen

Class Length60 minutes

Class Description:  This dynamic and energizing practice integrates a flowing series of postures to create internal heat as you increase strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. Our Power Vinyasa will take you through a vigorous and detoxifying sequence emphasizing conscious breath and fluid movement to strengthen the body and calm the mind. A fun and challenging class that combines a powerful flow with core strengthening. You will move and feel from the center of your body learning to engage the core more deeply and intentionally in all postures. A rigorous class with time spent holding poses while building strength, focus, self awareness and confidence. All levels welcome!

Instructor Info: Elizabeth was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. She was involved with sports from a young age. She played field hockey and ran track in high school and then continued in college to play Varsity field hockey for Rhodes College all 4 years, a captain for 2. Upon living in Memphis years after graduation, she began her yoga journey with her 1st Bikram class in February of 2005 and was hooked! Elizabeth loved the heat and the fact that it was an intense cardio workout, all while practicing yoga

After moving back to Louisville in 2007, Elizabeth continued her Bikram practice. She attributes her love and knowledge of yoga to all the incredible teachers and dedicated practitioners she has encountered over the years

Her most memorable and humbling yoga experience thus far has been competing in the USA Yoga regional and national competition, AKA the Bishnu Ghosh cup. Elizabeth placed 1st in Kentucky in 2014 and went on to represent her state at Nationals later that year placing 30th in the nation. An incredible experience!

Above all, her biggest claims to fame are her 2 children, Cooper(5) and George(3) and her husband Big George. Elizabeth loves being a mom and watching her children grow each day.

4pm - Beyond Movement Yoga with Ann Taylor Lashbrook from the Beyond Movement Center

beyond movement logo.jpg

Class Length90 minutes

Class Description:  Ann Taylor used Yogic Philosophy to create a compassionate core strengthening technique that combines Pilates principles with the discipline of modern dance, and the foundational strength utilized in basic gymnastics. With these movements, she cultivated a daily practice that works for her and the women she coaches which she calls Beyond Movement. 

Instructor Info: Ann Taylor Lashbrook has been coaching and teaching movement for over 12 years. Her classes blend elements of functional core strength, years of athletics, and a strong background in yoga/ Pilates postural alignment. She is excited to bring her diverse background ranging from kettlebells to barre workouts along with some West Coast fun to Louisville. She has over 500 hours of Yoga Teacher training among many other certifications

6:30pm - Anusara Elements with Tammy Ray of Infinite Bliss

Class Length: 75 minutes

Class Description: This is a heart based yoga class.It is designed to honor the beauty and the spirit in each of us. Through the principles of alignment, we align our body, mind and heart to create stability and expansion. 

Instructor Info:  Tammy was born and raised in Louisville where she resides with her sweet and supportive husband Paul. She met her husband at her place of employment – Dr. Richard Shay – where she has worked as an expanded duties dental assistant for 30 years. She has two children and two grandchildren whom she adores. Since 1984 she has been in the fitness industry teaching group exercise with an emphasis on high-impact aerobic and muscle conditioning. In her journey to find something MORE in life, she found yoga. She extends heart-felt gratitude to her first yoga teacher, Teresa Phelps Martin, who led her to the Infinite Bliss Yoga kula. It is here that she completed her Anusara 200-hour training and is now licensed as an Anusara Elements teacher. With deep respect and admiration, she graciously acknowledges her current teachers, Denise Stottmann and Laura Beasley, for their dedication, commitment, and compassion in her yoga training. Yoga inspires Tammy to look deeply into her own heart and to believe in herself. From this place, she aspires to help others align with their own hearts and step fully into their bliss. 

Tuesday 3/21

9:30am - Anusara Yoga with Denise Stottmann of Infinite Bliss Yoga

infinite bliss logo.jpg

Class Length: 60 minutes

Class Description: This class will be gentle for those dealing with chronic pain/stiffness or acute injuries and those desiring a slower practice. Come learn how Anusara yoga can help you heal and feel better as we connect our attitude with alignment and action! We will also use therapeutic massage balls for a self body tune-up.

Instructor Info: Denise Stottmann is the owner of Infinite Bliss Yoga in the Highlands near the corner of Eastern Parkway and Bardstown Road. She is a Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher, a Yoga Alliance E-RYT-500 and YACEP and she holds a Masters of Engineering degree. Denise is a native of Louisville and lives with her husband, three children, a dog, and a pot-bellied pig. Denise is inspired by sharing the connections she makes between science and math and the body, mind and heart. She continues to be amazed at how the heart qualities and alignment principles of Anusara Yoga benefit her in both her professional and personal life. She loves to help others discover the therapeutic and healing properties of yoga. She teaches studio, corporate, and private classes. She teaches various classes at her studio with students ranging from toddlers up through the golden years!

12 Noon - Power Vinyasa with Sarah Smith of 502 Power Yoga

Class Length: 60 minutes

Class Description: This power vinyasa yoga class is inspired by the Baptiste Power Yoga sequence, Journey into Power. You will flow, sweat, strengthen and breathe as we move through the power yoga flow. 

Instructor Info: Sarah is the owner of 502 Power Yoga. She is also the Director of Leadership, RYT 500, E-RYT 200, and Certified 500 Hour Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor. Teacher. Leader. Mother. Wife. Friend. Partner. Mentor. Trainer. Believer. Empower. 

2pm - Yoga Core with Brittany Swan of Bend and Zen

Class Length: 60 minutes

Class Description:  A fun and challenging class that combines a powerful flow with core strengthening. You will move and feel from the center of your body learning to engage the core more deeply and intentionally in all postures. A rigorous class with time spent holding poses while building strength, focus, self awareness and confidence. All levels welcome!This dynamic and energizing practice integrates a flowing series of postures to create internal heat as you increase strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. Our Power Vinyasa will take you through a vigorous and detoxifying sequence emphasizing conscious breath and fluid movement to strengthen the body and calm the mind. 

Instructor Info:  For years Brittany was an avid barre class practitioner when she stumbled across her first hot yoga class in 2012. She quickly fell in love with not only the heat, but also the practice.  Brittany quickly discovered that yoga was more than just a workout, it was a place for peace and acceptance.  Brittany admired the “messiness” of yoga.  The creativity, spontaneity, and amazing community kept her coming back class after class. It didn't take her long to discover how the yogic philosophy could be applied to all aspects of life.  

In 2015, Brittany became a mother for the third time and decided that she wanted to deepen her personal practice.  Fifteen months later, she now has her 200 hour yoga teacher training completed and is excited to spread her passion with the city of Louisville. When she is not practicing yoga, Brittany loves spending time with her hubby Landon and her three amazing kids.   

4pm- Prenatal Yoga with Jackie Priest of Birth 502

Class Length: 75 minutes

Class Length: Join Birth502's Jackie Priest for a 75-minute prenatal yoga class to open, connect, and deepen the breath as you prepare space for your baby and growing body. This class ends with a nice final resting pose with scalp massage.

Instructor Bio: A Louisville native, Jackie Priest is a birth doula and family advocate. She plans to open the doors to a prenatal wellness center named Modern Mama in St. Matthews in May! She has been serving families for over 8 years in the childbirth community and has three children of her own. She is a practicing yogi and is happy to have a wellness center that supports moms on their pregnancy journey and beyond.

6:30pm - Yang Yin Yoga with Christine Saladino of Yoga Twist on Life

Class Length: 90 minutes

Class Description: Yin Yang Yoga is a special designed sequence which combines passive and active asanas with Pranayama & meditation into what can be a very deep, integrated and satisfying practice.

Yang, similar to an all-levels class, is a flowing and dynamic sequence, which stretches and strengthens muscular tissues. Yin focuses on the connections in the pelvis, hips and lower spine. Yang activity is mobile, builds to an apex before calming down and maintains a core strength that requires appropriate effort; usually postures are standing and energizing. Yin Yoga activity is slow, steady with a sense of core softness and surrender; and involves more floor poses (sitting, laying on belly or back). 

Instructor Info: Yoga helps Christine find space in life and body. It stirs up creativity, excitement and drive. Her wish is to take this excitement for yoga and share it with other yogis of all levels. She discovered yoga in 2006 while working in corporate accounting. During the time of intense working hours (that many of us can relate to), she started attending a 7am yoga class every Monday morning. When she started the week with yoga, she noticed her energy was high, her engagement and passion was peaked, and she had increased body awareness, mindful movement and eating. Yoga was the avenue to a calmer, energized and balanced life.
Christine’s passion for yoga has driven her to explore various yoga styles including; Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Hatha, Anusara, Iyengar, Jivamukti, Power Yoga and Bikram. Christine studied yoga in Washington D.C with a well-respected yoga training program focussed on a breadth of yoga styles incorporating various teachers nation-wide. She completed the 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2011 and the 500 hour advanced training in 2012 at Tranquil Space. She is a Yoga Alliance certified instructor (RYT 500).

Wednesday 3/22

9:30am - Kundalini Yoga with Sarah Teeple of Ladybird Holistic

Ladybird Logo.jpg

Class Length: 75 minutes

Class Description: Breathe, chant, move, and expand with Kundalini yoga! Learn the art and science of this ancient technology. Awaken your Kundalini (life force energy) which lays coiled at the base of the spine. Our kriya (set of exercises) will guide this energy up the spine (shushumna) and into the higher chakras (energy centers), expanding your awareness, melting away physical and emotion tensions, and elevating your level of consciousness. Feeling good guaranteed! Sat nam. 

Instructor Info: Sarah Teeple is an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor and yoga teacher, RYT200. Specializing in guiding clients towards their happiest, healthiest life using whole food nutrition, kundalini yoga, mindfulness, and the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. She is very excited to be sharing Kundalini with you! It is a technology and practice that has dramatically enhanced her own life. Perhaps it may transform yours too?!

12 Noon - Bhav-Bhakti Yoga with Chris O'Bryan of Twin Oaks Yoga

Class Length: 75 minutes

Class Description: We'll start by tuning in with a breathing exercise. We then proceed through a warm-up, crescendo with a few strength asanas, and finish with some yin poses on the floor. Chris's intent is to give you a full-body workout, and leave you with a feeling of peace and good vibrations. All levels welcome.

Instructor Info: Chris O'Bryan is a 200RYT. He havs been practicing yoga for 6 years now. He came to the mat to find relief for lower back pain that he had developed through years of tree climbing. Beyond his physical relief, yoga has had a profound effect at reducing the amount of stress that he was experiencing. He want to offer his students a similar relief through breathing, movement, and thought exercises. 

2pm - Hatha Yoga with Laura Spaulding from Yoga East 

Class Length: 60 minutes

Class Description: Introduction to 24 classic yoga postures with correct alignment and breathing. This class focuses on fundamental standing poses, seated poses, easy inversions, and relaxation poses. All levels welcome.

Instructor Info: Laura Spaulding has been president of Yoga East since 1994. She has practiced yoga for fifty years in the Sivananda, Iyengar, and Ashtanga Yoga traditions. She travels regularly to India to study at the K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Msyore and is a Level 2 Authorized Ashtanga teacher. She is a Yoga Alliance ERYT-500 teacher-trainer. 

4pm-Meditate & Rejuvinate-Intro to Meditation and Mindful Movement with Cami Glauser of Kentucky Yoga Initiative

Class Length: 60 minutes

Class Description: What is meditation? How do I meditate? How can I create less stress, more ease, and overall mindfulness on my mat and in my everyday life? In this 60 minute class, we'll look at these questions by exploring our own meditation practice, inviting in space, presence, and peace. This class will also include a slow flow vinyasa, and how to create a moving meditation.

You will leave this class with a new sense of peaceful awareness -- feeling rejuvenated from the inside out. All levels welcome.

Instructor Info: Cami has been practicing yoga for ten years and teaching for the last two years. She is a 200 RYT yoga instructor, has a Baptiste Level 1 Teacher Training certification, has over 50 hours in Hands on Assisting, and is a certified YOD instructor as well. She teaches private yoga sessions, corporate yoga, outreach/community classes, meditation classes, studio classes, and kids yoga. She is inspired by the Baptiste methodology and her classes always involve a sense of presence, possibility, and play. She loves traveling, learning, and experiencing the beauty that is this life. When she's not teaching yoga, you can find her acting on stage, writing children's songs, baking treats, hiking with her new hubby, or cuddling with her dog.

6:30pm - YogaNia with Maria Whitley of Shine Louisville

shine logo.jpg

Class Length: 60 minutes

Class Description: Come dance your yoga! Discover how a little mobility increases your flexibility, strength and stability. Look at your bones creating shapes and sense your joints opening and closing with ease as you consciously align your body, spark your spirit and have fun!  All levels welcome. No experience necessary. 

Instructor Info: Maria Whitley is a Brown Belt Nia Instructor and the owner of Shine Music & Movement Studio. She has been practicing Nia since 2008 and is so grateful to have found a practice that allows her to share with people of every age and ability!

Thursday 3/23

9:30am - Hips and Heart Slow Flow with Britt Bertolotti of The Kentucky Yoga Initiative

Class Length: 60 minutes

Class Description: This all-level power vinyasa class, inspired by the Baptiste Power Yoga sequence, will focus on hip and heart openers. Taught at a slower pace, this deep, yet powerful flow will give students the space to focus on breath and movement, calm the mind, release tension, and create strength in the mind and body. 

Instructor Info: Britt Bertolotti is an RYT 200 who teaches Baptiste Power Vinyasa and chair yoga for the Kentucky Yoga Initiative, YMCA, and 502 Power Yoga. She trained with 502 Power Yoga and has completed Level 1 training and Art of Assisting through the Baptiste Institute and is working toward becoming a Baptiste Certified Instructor and will complete her level two training in July of this year. She has a passion for helping and empowering others through the transformative practice of yoga. Yoga has had such a powerful impact in her life and seeing that impact in others is incredible and life changing. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, reading, writing, adventuring, and getting creative with her husband and three kiddos. 

12 Noon - YOD "Your Own Determination" Yoga with Jamie Calzi of 502 Power Yoga

Class Length: 60 minutes

Class Description: YOD™️ stands for “Your Own Determination” and is built inside of a traditional Baptiste Yoga class. Classes begin with a warm-up from the Journey Into Power sequence and include high-intensity interval training and skill work to train your body in a new way and enhance your yoga practice. All YOD classes end with a yoga cool down and the sweetest savasana. 

Instructor Info: Jamie is a 200 Hour Certified Baptiste Teacher. She completed her Art of Assisting in May of 2014, Level 1 in February of 2015, and Level 2 in October of 2015. Jamie fell in love with Baptiste yoga while visiting her husband's family in Buffalo, New York. She completed her first 200 hour yoga teacher training with Bamboo Moves in April of 2013 and her second 200 hour teacher training with 502 Power Yoga in March of 2014. In addition she has completed workshops with Bryan Kest, Ken Von Roenn, and John Friend. Jamie brings a sense challenge, compassion, and fun to her classes. Jamie can be found practicing at the studio almost daily she believes that to be a powerful teacher you must be a dedicated student. In addition to being a teacher at 502 Power Yoga, she is Director of Community Relations bringing the community together for powerful events such as Yoga Mala and Neighmaste. She has also been a mentor for Africa Yoga Project since January of 2015. Jamie is also a broad member of the Kentucky Yoga Initiative. Off her mat, Jamie can be found spending time with her husband Dave and her daughters Emily and Madelyn. Her family is passionate about service and have been on several trips to Belize and Nicaragua with Hand in Hand ministries.

2pm - All Level Flow Yoga with Kelly Nichols of Bend and Zen

Class Length60 minutes

Class Description:  A slower, more intentional progression of postures linked together with breath for an intense, yet relaxing physical practice. This class is great for beginners to gain familiarity with Vinyasa classes, but also a solid workout for experienced practitioners. All Level Flow brings the entire body and mind into balance and is appropriate for all levels and a great place to begin and deepen your Vinyasa practice.

Instructor Info: Kelly is a St. Louis native and is now is now happy to call Louisville her home. Kelly, her husband and two beautiful children have lived here for 6 years. Her athletic journey began at Indiana University where she played Division I soccer all four years. Her love for yoga began in a hot room doing Bikram yoga exclusively for several years.  This passion has now evolved into several forms of yoga. She is a recent graduate of a 200 hour Vinyasa training and feels fortunate that she accomplished this goal under the guidance of her friend and teacher Meredith Conroy of Bend and Zen Hot Yoga.  With her 200 hours of training under her belt she is excited to continue to learn and grow along her yoga journey.  Her teaching style is fun and relaxed.  You'll leave her class feeling amazing, wanting to come back again and again!

5pm – Flow with Grace: Chair Yoga with Darsi Anderson of 502 Power Yoga

Class Length: 60 minutes

Class Description: A gentle version of a regular Vinyasa flow class. Suitable for all levels and welcomes individuals with injuries. This class is taught using chairs. 

Instructor Info: Back in 2006, when Darsi's daughter went off to college, she was surprised by an emptiness that appeared within her. She then realized that she needed to learn how to take care of herself, her whole self. That's when she found yoga. Darsi is a proud Mother and Grandmother. A good friend and neighbor. A lover of the outdoors and power tools. She was born and raised in central Wisconsin. #5 of six daughters. Married, then raised 2 children in Minneapolis, MN. Moved to Louisville in 2011 for her husband's job, leaving behind 50+ years of friendships, community, and family in 'the north'. As she adjusts to her new life in 'the south', she took a bold step and earned her yoga teaching certification at 502PY. Darsi went on to attend Baptiste Yoga Level One training in February 2016. Now Darsi is honored to teach and share yoga with people of all ages and stages of life, creating flexible strength and functional stability for the future. Life is a journey. Please join Darsi on your journey forward with hope, gratitude, grace, and joy! 

6:30pm - Yoga Flow with Lauren Hannigan of Omology


Class Length: 60 minutes

Class Description: This yoga flow class will align your chakras and leave you refreshed, rejuvenated, and inspired.

Instructor Info: Lauren Hannigan RYT was born in Louisville, KY in 1993. She first learned yoga while living in Long Beach, California from her first yoga teacher, Dharma Shakti. After moving back to Louisville, Lauren received her 200 hour certification from her beloved teacher, Laura Spaulding at Yoga East. Lauren teaches at Louisville Athletic Club, Omology Wellness, U of L's Get Healthy Now Wellness Center, and is a teacher for the Compassionate Schools Project. Lauren is also a certified Level II Reiki practicioner. 


Friday 3/24

9:30am - Shakti Flow Yoga with Courtney Lyons of Yogaia

Class Length: 75 minutes

Class Description: This vinyasa style class is designed to center mind and spirit, while building strength, balance, and flexibility. In this class we invite creativity and play into our movements as we flow with our breath. This vibrant yet meditative flow is sure to get your creative energy moving through interesting and dynamic sequences with mindful transitions. This class is developed and sequenced to build you up to a peak posture using alignment and deep foundations, then we will cool down and enjoy a guided meditation. 

Instructor Info: I am a certified yoga instructor and student massage therapist, and I love to fuse the two together. My classes are powerful, playful and creative. I love yoga because it allows us to work on our inner selves while bringing together people of all kinds. My intention as a teacher is to provide a space that allows us to sweat, breathe, and exceed our own expectations of what we believe we can do. 

12 Noon - Prenatal Yoga with Laura Beasley of Owltree Yoga


Class Length: 60 minutes

Class Description: Safe for mamas in any week of their pregnancy, even for beginners! Prepare your body, mind and spirit for birth with gentle yoga poses, deep relaxation and lower body opening. get strong, get ready, get comfortable! Help relieve pregnancy aches and pains, and make room for baby in this fun and delicious yoga practice! 

Instructor Info: Laura Beasley, E-RYT® 200, RPYT®, YACEP®, is an experienced certified prenatal/postnatal yoga instructor and birth doula who has been supporting local moms with her passionate teaching for over 8 years. Laura specializes in optimal pelvic and fetal alignment for better birth experiences, as well as pelvic floor health. Her classes reflect her extensive training and education in female anatomy and the physiology of pregnancy and birth, combined with her belief that pregnancy and childbirth are profound and sacred spiritual experiences in a woman's life.  Laura currently teaches regular Prenatal Yoga classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings at Infinite Bliss Yoga in the Highlands (

2pm- Ashtanga Yoga with Laura Spaulding of Yoga East

yoga east USE.png

Class Length60 minutes

Class Description:  This class will be an introduction to the oldest known form of yoga from which "power yoga" and many other vinyasa styles originated. All levels welcome.

Instructor Info: Laura Spaulding has been president of Yoga East since 1994. She has practiced yoga for fifty years in the Sivananda, Iyengar, and Ashtanga Yoga traditions. She travels regularly to India to study at the K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Msyore and is a Level 2 Authorized Ashtanga teacher. She is a Yoga Alliance ERYT-500 teacher-trainer. 

5pm - Power Vinyasa with Zac Goldstein of 502 Power Yoga

Class Length: 60 minutes

Class Description: This power vinyasa yoga class is inspired by the Baptiste Power Yoga sequence, Journey into Power. You will flow, sweat, strengthen and breathe as we move through the power yoga flow. This class allows you to work at your own level while incorporating variations and modifications. 

Instructor Info: Zac teaches yoga at 502 Power Yoga and with Kentucky Yoga Initiative. He graduated training at 502PY in 2015 and completed Level 1 in 2016. Zac skateboards and makes art and music. He prefers mornings, black coffee, pens, loud music and coconut, but not pineapple. Zac is down to connect, sweat, smile and destroy business as usual. 

Saturday 3/25

10am - Gentle Vinyasa with Carrie Irwin of Bend and Zen

Class Length: 60 minutes

Class Description: Gentle Vinyasa Yoga is fun, dynamic, and all about synchronizing breath and movement. This flow will keep you focused as you learn to mindfully move in and out of the postures, building confidence to help you stay present and centered throughout the day.
Flowing around the obstacles that come your way, this empowering practice builds balance, flexibility, strength, and endurance. All levels are welcome and modifications are offered to ensure that you leave this practice feeling rejuvenated and strong!

Instructor Info: Carrie has always enjoyed athletic pursuits, including playing and teaching tennis, so the challenges of hot yoga were right up her alley. It became readily apparent after adding Vinyasa to her regimen that she wanted to share her love of yoga with others. She completed her 230 hour teacher training through Asheville Yoga Center in June of 2016 and immediately began to seek opportunities to teach and share her passion for yoga with others. Carrie has been in the social services field working with children and families for over 17 years. She is a nurturer by nature and her experiences and natural disposition have readied her to lead, teach and care for her students utilizing the transformational power of yoga.

2pm – Family Yoga with Bridget Dewson of Mini Me Yoga

Class Length: 45 minutes

Class Description: Bring the whole family for some play time! We will be moving and shaking and, of course, doing some fun yoga, too. This class is about sharing joy and laughter with your family and friends. No experience with yoga is necessary - anyone can join in the fun! All ages welcome! 

Instructor Info: Mini Me Yoga of Louisville provides yoga, mindfulness and meditation products and programs to children and families in Kentucky and surrounding areas. Our mission is to bring JOY wherever we go. We have developed programs specifically for parents, teachers and caregivers to teach them what kid’s yoga, mindfulness and positive thinking are all about. In addition, we have programs for preschool and elementary students, as well as a teen mentoring program. Our positive thinking products are designed to keep things fun and interactive for kids and grown-ups, while at the same time bringing in and harnessing positive energy. We share the tools that we’ve found help us live a joyful life. And we have lots of fun doing it! We are part of the Mini Me Yoga global family, and connected to people around the world helping to spread the JOY. 

4pm – Kaleidoscope Yoga with FernDylana Zion of CoYogis

kaleidoscope yoga.jpg

Class Length: 90 minutes

Class Description: Kaleidoscope Community Movement is an art of movement for groups. We will flow through geometrical shapes, patterns, and mandalas together. This is an all-ages, all-levels practice. This is a mixture with roots of yoga and martial arts choreographed into a hand-holding, body-folding, heart-connecting community flow that everyone can enjoy. This practice allows a group to find an instant connection, cultivate open hearts, and connect with nature's rhythm. 

Instructor Info: Fern & Dylana came together last year through the love of movement. They have studied dance, martial arts, community and partner movements. They traveled to the Pacific NorthWest, where they studied community movement. Dylana has suffered a back injury, and healed herself mentally and physically through movement.Through this experience the two of them have grown to deeply connect with the body and its power cultivated through intentional movement. They are passionate about sharing with & learning from others through the ever-growing community! 

7pm – Partner Yoga with Christine Saladino & Adam Rogers of Yoga Twist on Life

Class Length: 75 minutes

Class Description: Treat yourself to a fun partner yoga & workshop!
This partner practice of yoga weaves in themes of trust, compassion and inspires a deeper connection with your partner through movement, breath and touch. Benefit from the support and energy of each other in a nurturing and playful way.
* Practice is accessible for all levels (including beginner yogis and anyone who thinks they are ‘not’ flexible)
* We will not be switching partners during this practice. The intention is to connect on a deeper level with your partner (spouse, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend - anyone who you are excited to explore a greater sense of trust and compassion with). 

Instructor Info: Christine has been partnering with her husband Adam since 2010 to offer a fun and playful experience for partners and friends during their partner yoga workshop offered around Valentine’s day and Sweetest Day. Adam’s experience of running and cycling offers a unique perspective for yoga students, especially beginners. 

Christine and Adam teach this special partner yoga class at Infinite Bliss Yoga approximately twice a year.  Christine teaches a weekly yoga class at Infinite Bliss.