Get Fit with Nia!

  • Rainbow Blossom 3046 Bardstown Road Louisville, KY, 40205 United States

Get Nia Fit with this super fun cardio-dance fusion class! Nia is an expressive body-mind-spirit movement program that offers an artistic and innovative approach to fitness & healing. Combining simple dance moves with martial arts and yoga, the Nia Technique provides a variety of movement dynamics to create an experience that involves your whole body, as well as your spirit!

Nia is great for anyone at any fitness level - whether you are a high-energy athlete or if you just need to get moving. Reap the benefits: cardio conditioning, stress relief, joint mobility, increased strength and energy.

Maria Whitley is a Brown Belt Nia Instructor and the owner of Shine Music & Movement Studio. She has been practicing Nia since 2008 and is so grateful to have found a practice that allows her to share with people of every age and ability!



Preregistration is lovely but not required. Contact Maria at


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