Laughter Yoga

  • Rainbow Blossom Highlands Market 3046 Bardstown Road Louisville, KY, 40205 United States

Laugh, Breathe, Relax -- Get Happy and Healthy!

Laughter Yoga is a global movement for health, joy and world peace. In this session Melanie Rudolph and Angela Greer, Certified Laughter Yoga Teachers, will lead you in a combination of yoga deep-breathing exercises, and get you moving with laughter exercises that make you feel more healthy and energetic. It's fun, silly and playful.

All you need is a willingness to laugh and play along. To complete the session, we will have a 15-minute guided relaxation exercise, so you may want to bring a towel, folded blanket or yoga mat to lie on.

For more Information on Laughter Yoga at  or contact Melanie at 502.424.2252 or Angie at 502.354.8464.

October 19
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October 21
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