Are you hosting the Thanksgiving feast this year? Never cooked a turkey
before? Keep Calm and Attend this Workshop! 

We'll talk turkey varieties (organic, pastured, Natural etc.), cooking options (Roasting, Frying, BBQ); tools and utensils needed for an easy preparation; to brine or not to brine; and basic food safety. We'll also discuss special dietary requests such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, Paleo, etc. 

You'll also learn about how to organize your Thanksgiving feast and keep the stress under control - how much to make in order to serve your guests, how many dishes to make, what can be prepared in advance, etc.

FREE EVENT! Space is limited! Sign up in-store or call 502-896-0189 to reserve your place. Recipes and handouts included!                       

at Rainbow Blossom St Matthews