Experience the premier of What is God? This 34 minute documentary was filmed in Florence, Italy with the Duomo in the background. Here, a group of international individuals were asked about their conception of God, higher power, or however they define this energy. They discuss why they believe they are here on Earth, how they maintain their connection to that energy on a daily basis, what they do to regain this connection when it is challenged. They reveal whether they have ever experienced any spiritual awakenings or extraordinary experiences.

Film creator, Elizabeth Monroy, will be on hand to present this film and lead a short discussion afterwards.

Elizabeth Monroy is the acting Director of the New Global Renaissance School of Creative Media and Infinite Human Productions. All her works seek to inspire, educate and promote a conscious awakening on our planet. Elizabeth Monroy 502 821-1558

Suggested donation: $5.00

at Rainbow Blossom Highlands