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Health Questions? Find the Answers You Need.

Walking into a health food store can be a daunting experience – so many
products, so many technical sounding names. Will products interact? I have
allergies, what should I avoid? What is the best choice for me? To help
answer those questions and get you started on the road to better health,
Lisa Tostado, ND, is offering FREE mini health consultations at our St
Matthews and Highlands locations.
People seek out Dr. Tostado for three main reasons:
• To discover the underlying causes of their health issues, achieve greater
wellness, and prevent future disease.
• To find balance, and direction, with an individualized treatment plan.
• To deal with chronic issues such as autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and
digestive disorders.
Check the posters and our Online Events Calendar, Facebook, and Mobile App
for dates and times. Whichever market you choose, a day with Lisa may be
just what the doctor ordered!

Lisa Tostado N.D. is a graduate of the Southwest College of Naturopathic
Medicine and Health Sciences.  She holds both a doctorate degree in
Naturopathic Medicine, as well as a medical license in the state of
Arizona.  Lisa is excited to practice  naturopathic medicine in Lousiville,
Kentucky, where there is a growing desire for natural therapies and a
health care system that focuses more on prevention and addressing the
underlying causes.  Lisa works closely with individuals to understand the
root cause of their health issues, and addresses these using the best of
what naturopathic medicine has to offer: botanical medicine, nutrition,
homeopathic medicine, lifestyle counseling , stress management and more.
 Equally as important, she treats everyone as a individual and tailors her
treatment plan to address their specific needs.
Dr. Tostado firmly believes that education is the key to the prevention of
disease, as well as a lifestyle that supports health.  Her mission is to
help others discover their own unique path to wellness.

Rainbow Blossom St Matthews

Earlier Event: September 2
Later Event: September 6