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Natural Remedies for Pain- Herbs, Supplements, Protein Powers that do the trick!

Pain is a common human affliction. Herbal wisdom from diverse traditional cultures has discovered plant medicines and dietary practices that can alleviate discomfort. Modern science is now discovering 'how' many of these ancient treatments work, such as the natural COX II inhibition properties of Turmeric and Ginger, and the anti-inflammatory actions of Vegetarian Protein sources. Learn the scientific connection, along with practical "HOW TO" instructions on using plants for Pain Relief.


Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, AHG, AHN-BC The Natural Nurse® has been involved in Natural Medicine since 1964. She attended Rutgers and Cornell Universities, sat on the Panel of Traditional Medicine at Columbia Presbyterian, and is a Medical School Instructor, teaching Botanical Pharmacology. Ellen is a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild (AHG), nationally board certified as an advanced practice holistic nurse (AHN-BC), is an author, TV and Radio Host, teaches indigenous medicine through tours at, and offers online Certification Programs in Herbal Medicine at . She is the author of ARTHRITIS: THE ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE DEFINITIVE GUIDE, and is the National Educator for Nature’s Answer®,

Copies of Ellen Kamhi’s book, ARTHRITIS, will be available for purchase and signing.
Pain Relief is covered in depth in this book. This and other titles by Ellen Kamhi are available in many health food stores around the country and at

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