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This detox is for health conscious individuals who want to maximize their odds

 of living a long and healthy life.

This is a health coach guided whole food based program. You will cleanse on a cellular level. You will reduce inflammation – a precursor to disease. If you are someone who wants to live to be a 100 years old free of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases etc, this detox is for you. If you crave sugar, or need coffee to get you through the day, you’ve found your detox. Expect to gain more mental clarity and learn how to limit the effects of stress on your body. 

Detox is 4 days of prep - 7 days of detox - 4 days of transition. You will receive a meal plan, shopping list and daily email support. Bonus: 10% off any item on shopping list day of detox.

Investment in your health: $67

Registration required by August 14th. Register at


Saturday, August 16, 1-2:30pm at Rainbow Blossom Highlands

Later Event: August 21