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Manfiesting your New Year

Begin to weave your dreams for 2015. For many of us, the New Year is a time to re-evaluate, recharge and re-create what you really want out of life. Its time to give birth to new possibilities and shed the layers of what hasn’t been serving you the past 365 days

What are you manifesting? Is it what you desire? If you weren’t afraid you would…? How to serve others? What makes you come alive? Who would you be if  nobody told me who you were? 

Questions like these, as well as simple manifestation tools will guide you to a clearer path.  Each of us has the power to manifest the life of our dreams.

The workshop is free.  To register call William at (502) 694-0892 or send an email to   Preregistration is suggested but not required.  Donations ($11 suggested) are accepted with gratitude but not required.  25% of all donations will be given to Rainbow Blossom to support the wonderful community space.

Rainbow Blossom Highlands

Earlier Event: December 19
Later Event: December 29
Abundance Meditation