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Meet Dr. Hong Ye, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology, James Graham Brown Cancer Center, UofL. Founder of Earthblends.

For those suffering with chronic diseases, including arthritis, pain can be inevitable. Actually, pain is not a bad thing in general. During our human evolution, pain developed as a method for the body to help alert us that something had happened, either in our environment or inside the body itself. Our body has the ability to repair itself. Pain subsides as inflammation subsides, and our body goes back to a natural state. However, if it cannot repair itself, the pain will develop into a chronic condition. Chronic pain is an immune response in our body. Chronic pain affects more than 100 million Americans.

There are different ways of relieving pain, such as changing diet, adhering to strict exercise, yoga, or even acupuncture. Dr. Hong Ye will give a general introduction on how pain occurs, and the different ways that pain can be controlled. She will also provide information about the medications, and topical treatments, used in pain management. She will introduce the herbal relief and renewal patch known as Earthblends, including stories on its origin, how it works, and related facts. And Dr. Hong Ye will further discuss topical treatments and how key herbs can be delivered to the point of pain, and why this approach--taken by Earthblends--is a safer treatment for many diseases comparing to the oral and injection approach.

At Rainbow Blossom Springhurst

Later Event: October 22