Effective September 1, 2016

Here’s how it works:

  • Participate in the following activities and earn the points associated with it.

  • You get paid your hourly rate PLUS points! (except volunteer activities, which are...volunteering).

  • Event memos will have points associated with it on the memo.

  • When you reach 10 points, get $20 Rainbow Bucks!

  • You must sign a sign-in sheet OR submit your points for tracking to your store manager, unless otherwise noted.

  • Expectations: You will show up on time. You will be engaged. You will be thoughtful. You will have your regularly scheduled shift covered if necessary to attend.

  • This program is applicable to ALL Rainbow Blossom employees.

Community Service

  • 2pt: Volunteer on your own time with an organization of your choice. You must submit a signed form letter from the organization to your store manager within 48 hours after completion.

  • 3pts: Volunteer opportunities organized by Rainbow Blossom. You must sign the sheet at the event to get your points.

Rainbow Blossom Events

  • 1pt: Work at an in-house big event.

  • 2pts: work an off-site outreach event.

  • Report your time to Marketing & Events Coordinator.

Staff Engagement Events

  • 2pts: Attend a forum, company-wide potluck, holiday party, etc.

  • You must note attendance on sign-in sheet.

Vendor Sponsored Dinner Training

  • 2 pt: Attend entire training and sign sign-in sheet upon completion.

Team Participation

  • 2pts: Cover a shift when needed.

Store/Building Maintenance

  • You must have experience with whatever task is asked. Examples: comfort climbing tall ladders; plumbing skills; electrical skills; painting; attention to detail.

  • Points per task will be determined on a case per case basis by Tracy Babineaux.

Leadership Development

Online Employee Training (ART)

  • 1 pt: Per OPTIONAL course completed with a score of 88% or higher.