Jozef B




Thommy B

"This is my most favorite store in the whole city. I often shop in whole foods and like it, but even there I cant get everything I need or want. Rainbow blossom always covers all that. They have a delicious fresh organic local produce, wide array of specialty foods and everything else for your healthy lifestyle. If they don't have something in stock or if they don't carry it, they're very accommodating in helping you get it, either order it for you \or search for it in different branches."



"Locally owned and operated since the 70's! Rainbow Blossom is the place to go for your health food and supplement needs. The supplement staff are knowledgeable and very helpful. The produce always looks great too."


Stephanie B


"LOVE this place! I travel through & work in Louisville often but I don't even live here and I LOVE it... I have literally gone grocery shopping on my way home to STL...! Everyone is SO friendly & kind and the selection of products is better than any whole foods I have been to, & produce is outstanding! My only complaint is that they are not in STL!!! :)"


Wayne Y


Cindy V


Josiana L


Victoria T


"Great little neighborhood market.  Has tons of supplements, food, and cleaning supplies from all the best natural and organic companies! I even found O2Go water which I havent't seen in years."


"Best customer service you could ask for when shopping for supplements, including using a computer to be able to look up any contraindications that may interfere with other medications you are taking. Great selection of produce, food and health and beauty items as well as a "Life Bar" offering all sorts of juices and smoothies."


"I love Rainbow Blossom! Clean, simple, focused."


"Rainbow Blossom carries the products that I want to buy.  Those products tend to be organic, healthy items that aren't available anywhere else.  The produce is fresh and organic.  You can get locally produced eggs and raw milk in the dairy case.  The freezer is stocked with a plethora of healthy convenience foods like gluten-free frozen waffles, organic frozen burritos, and non-dairy ice cream.  They even carry pet food.  Rainbow Blossom is the only place that we can buy Evo brand cat food straight off the shelf."