What is a CSA? A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a direct farm-to-consumer program that provides you with the freshest local vegetables possible each week based on what is growing seasonally It’s a great way to try and eat more veggies and to eat seasonally as you will simply get whatever is in abundance at harvest time. 


What is in it for you? A box of farm fresh, certified organic produce every Tuesday beginning on May 8, 2018. The 10-15 items in the weekly box will change as the seasons change, depending upon availability and your preferences. 


Who are the farmers? Jerome Lange and his wife Paula have been together for well over thirty years. They live in a Mennonite and Amish community in Casey County, KY. Everything will be Certified Organic and locally grown in Casey County, KY. 


Logistics. The system works like a veggie deposit bank: you pay the farmer upfront and each week he deducts the amount of your box from your account. The program ends when there is no more money left, no more veggies in the ground, or if you decide to stop the program at anytime, you will be refunded the balance of your account minus a $50 cancellation fee. Every week with your box you will receive an invoice showing the cost of the produce in the box and what credit you have left.  If you sign-up before April 20th, you will get your first box free! Also, each week you’ll get a newsletter in your box with cooking and nutrition tips and recipes.


You may sign-up at any time for a full season (approx 6 months) or a half season (approx 3 months) and you don’t have to begin your shares at the start of the season. You can sign up at any time and can even skip weeks if necessary.


Ready to sign up? You have 2 easy options.


In Store. Please download the application here, complete the form and submit it with a check made out to Jerome Lange at any Rainbow Blossom Customer Service desk.


Online. Complete the application online. Click on the link below to sign up today! 



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Customer Testimonials

“It always feels like veggie Christmas on Tuesdays!”

 “This is the first time I have CSA, and I love it a lot. Thank you.”

“Thanks! Love the CSA!”

“We are enjoying our subscription!  Everything tastes great!”

 “I hate the weeks I have to miss. I have tried some great new recipes, based on what I receive, in my box.”