Corporate Wellness Presentations and Workshops

As a nation, we’re becoming more and more health-conscious every day. Our health is a direct result of the choices we make regarding diet, exercise, work and lifestyle. However, it remains a struggle to create balance and achieve our wellness goals when we have higher stress and longer workdays. It is more important now than ever to get creative about our commitment to maintaining wellness.

By partnering with our Wellness Ambassadors, Rainbow Blossom is excited to facilitate a fresh discussion on corporate wellness with workshops, shopping and cooking tips, stress relief strategies, massage therapy…and more!

Presentation Topic 1: Healthy Eating on the Go

Lack of time is a major reason why many people give up eating right, but you don't have to! In fact, healthy eating is more important than ever when you're trying to keep up with a hectic schedule. A good diet helps your body withstand stress better.  Participants will learn about nutritious and budget-conscious ingredients that can be purchased locally; tips for planning ahead; and eating healthy at restaurants and on the road. 

Presentation Topic 2: Stress Busters and Sustainable Lifestyle with Massage and Healthy Eating

Stress is a part of everyone's life. The trick is to learn how to be in a healthy relationship with it.  In this workshop, participants will learn about the foundational principles of meditation, self massage, and plant based foods that help to maintain focus, awareness, and a calm mindset. Self massage techniques will help shift tension that is a result of stress. In addition, participants will learn about foods that help us be resilient to high stress situations.   

Presentation Topic 3: Get the Kinks Out Self Massage Series 

This 3-part series is a great opportunity to learn basic massage techniques for your whole body! Stress can often surface as a headache, a nervous stomach, or low back pain. Many of us sit or stand for long periods of time, creating tension in our bodies that we can feel for days or weeks on end. Participants will learn about the purpose and use of massage on themselves, and will leave feeling empowered to shift tension in their body. 

The series will cover:

  • Therapeutic massage strokes that release muscles and give more freedom in the body.
  • Tips for body mechanics that help give relief without wearing out the thumb joint.
  • Explanations on basic postural issues that create pain and how to resolve them.
  • Each workshop covers a segment of the body, giving specific information about trigger points, and self massage techniques. 

Workshop #1: Head, Neck, and Shoulders 

Workshop #2: Back, Hips, and Abdomen

Workshop #3: Hips, Legs, and Feet



Cooking Classes:

  • Anti-inflammatory class
  • Eating for Energy
  • Greens Glorious Greens
  • Gluten Free Baking
  • Healthy Alternative Desserts
  • Heart Healthy
  • Sea Veggies
  • Warming Winter Meals
  • Spring Salads
  • Summer Salads

In addition, the following topics can be presented:

  • Beat the Sugar Blues
  • Eating for Energy
  • Women's Health 
  • Healthy Eating on the Go and a Budget
  • Stress Management Series




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