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The practitioners with offices in the Rainbow Blossom Wellness Center are not employees of Rainbow Blossom. They each have their own business and we have formed a partnership with them. 

Please contact them directly for appointment scheduling.

Wellness Professionals at the Highlands Market


Tronda Graham | Align Total Wellness

Tronda Graham is a Massage Therapist in Louisville, Ky. She focuses wellness for women. Her goal is to promote self-care and translate wellness to all areas of your life starting with massage. To schedule an appointment with Tronda, you can reach her through her website or email at

Wellness Professionals at the Wellness Center


Suwannee Norwood | Total Body Massage

Suwanee Norwood is a Massage Therapist in Louisville, Ky. She utilizes Total Body Massage, whose goal is to help each person feel better in their body one massage at a time. You can reach her at and you can book an appointment with her through by coming into the Wellness Center or calling us at 502-339-5090.


Ivey Samake | Simply Transforming

Simply Transforming offers our Zen Wellness Works Program. In this system, we utilize Qi Gong's holistic practices which are: coordinated body movements, abdominal breathing, and meditation. This is used to improve and maintain health and longevity as it; increase and circulate energy throughout the body. Our program is ideal for anyone looking to gently restore flexibility and strength without straining while calming the mind. Our students start to notice the benefits once they have completed the Level 1 Movement Series. 



Jenny Boice | Create Your Life, LLC.

Hi! I am Jenny Boice. I am a Business, Life & Wellness Coach. I will show you how to Create a Business, Life, and Body You Love. My programs include Passion to ProfitEnergy Management, Money Magnet and Energize. If you have an idea you want to implement, an established business you want to grow, or need help getting organized so you can make things happen, I can help. I will show you how to develop your own signature program based on your skill set, create a website that speaks to people, how to market your business online/offline, plus, how to organize and manage your time so you can be effective. Together, we can bring your life into focus so you can start living the life of your dreams with clarity and strength. It is time to shine your light and become the best YOU you can be! The world needs your specific contribution. 
Change your focus, change your life!

Phone: 502-314-4584 Email:


Cindy Henryson | Heath by Design Network

Cindy Henryson is a licensed massage therapist in Louisville, Kentucky and south central Indiana and is available by appointment here at the wellness center.  She is the owner of Health by Design, established in 1994, which offers a variety of personally customized, holistic health treatment options including- but not limited to- massage therapy, detoxification treatments, holosync audio technology, biofeedback, holistic nutritional and supplemental guidance, angel readings, prayer and more. Cindy believes that in order to live a higher quality of life, achieving optimal wellness is key. Everything we feel and do relates to our well-being and directly affects our actions and emotions. In order to subdue stress, reduce illness, and ensure positive moments in your life, you must strive for optimal wellness. The Health by Design Network is very affordable and will help you on this journey.  For more information or to schedule an appointment you can call or text Cindy at (502) 741 - 4031 or you can stop by or call the Wellness Center at (502) 339 - 5090.


Carol Ryan RN, MSN HNB-BC | Future Images

Carol Ryan is a holistic nurse who has extensive experience in psychiatric nursing and is certified in Integrative Imagery providing group and individual sessions to access inner wisdom for healing using an interactive dialogue to explore thoughts, promote coping, and help the client reach individualized goals.  She is a mind-body practitioner offering Reiki, an ancient Japanese art, to promote healing through connecting with the body’s natural energies through her healing hands and offers other holistic modalities to manage stress, decrease pain, promote comfort, and restore balance for clients.

Phone: 502-298-3932 | Email:


Dr. Lisa Tostado | VitaBliss Naturopathy

Hello, my name is Dr. Lisa Tostado and I am trained in Naturopathic Medicine.  It is a distinct form of health care, where our goal is to discover the underlying root cause of disease, treat the whole person, and stimulate the body’s self- healing process using natural based therapies such as whole food nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, and lifestyle counseling. 

Phone:502-410-8009 | Email: drlisa@vitablissnaturopathy.com1


Gina Millard | Shaman's Fire

Gina Millard is a shamanic practitioner and teacher. She has a background of soul communication/mediumship, medical intuition, animal communication and healing, and special education and she serves as a certified Tibetan Acupressure Practitioner, Reiki Master and ordained minister. Her advanced shamanic training has come through several Foundation for Shamanic Studies practitioners.


Chris Kent

Since 2014, Chris Kent been active as a Vibrant Living Facilitator helping people across Kentuckiana feel great mind, body, heart, and spirit. He is trained and certified in Weight Loss, Nutritional Therapy, Detox (Cleansing), Personal Fitness Cooking, Ho’oponopono, and Neuro Linguistic Programming. His path to helping others began when he overcame chronic illness and released over 25% of my body weight. He believes that health and emotional freedom is your birthright and with the right support, you can begin feeling more vital today.Services Offered: Weight Loss Counseling, Nutritional Counseling, Stress Reduction, Emotional Freedom, Healthy Lifestyle Coaching, Detox/Cleansing, Healthy Cooking Classes, How To Be Gluten Free, Home Pantry Upgrade, 1-On-1 Grocery Shopping

Email:  Phone: 618-694-2644