Three Ways to Get Fit

Published with permission by Paige Johnson

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Everyone knows that exercise is one of the best ways to lead a healthy, fulfilling life. The benefits of a regular fitness routine are increased strength and flexibility, lowered risk of cardiovascular disease, and general improvement to your overall mood and behavior. It’s safe to say that exercise is one of the greatest forms of self care! As creatures of habit, it is easy to stay with the same exercise routine. However it is important to note that your body will not yield the same results after it becomes accustomed to the same regimen. Here are three fun ways to switch up your normal regime!

Walk your dog

Making a habit to get out of the house twice a day is a great way for you and your dog to exercise! You will receive the benefits of raising your heart rate and circulating your blood, whileyour dog will have the chance to burn off energy. Ifyou are a jogger, you have the option to train your dog to run with you! This is a great way to increase the bond between you and your furry companion, which begets even more health benefits on it’s own!

Having a schedule of taking a walk with your dog once in the morning then again in the evening ensures that you will always be incorporating at least one form of exercise daily. Don’t have a dog of your own? Not to worry. Offer your services to an elderly neighbor or start a side gig as a dog walker.

Join a league

A lot of times various churches and workplaces offer specific leagues to take part in. There are softball and bowling leagues to name a couple. Ask around or conduct a brief online search to see which outlet is available in your area. Having an active lifestyle is always a treat, but that treat becomes much sweeter when a team is involved!

Teams offer encouragement as well as hold you accountable, which can be a welcomed change of pace for you. Leagues meet as frequently as once a week, or monthly. Joining a league will provide you with the many benefits of exercise physically and it will also stimulate your mind which serves as an added bonus! If you are unable to find a league near you, consider starting one of your own!

Play with your children

Have you ever tried to keep up with a child? It is definitely a workout within itself! Kids have a high-paced energy that only seems to wane at bedtime. Heading outside to engage in a friendly game of catch or hide-and-seek with them is a great way for you to sneak in some exercise as well as create lasting memories with your child!

Playing games with your child is not only beneficial for physical activity as having carefree moments with your children will also reduce stress. With loads of laughter and fun abound, it would be profoundly difficult to stay worried about what’s happening in other areas of your life. Try skipping the gym for a day or two, and gather up your family for some wholesome, adventurous fun outside!

As you can see, exercise doesn't have to be the same, monotonous routine confined to the inside of a gym. Ways to attain good health and fitness is all around you, should you choose to look! Remember, switching up your routine will provide a great benefit for you health-wise, both mentally and physically. If you find yourself becoming bored with your current regimen, try incorporating one of these methods into your life as soon as possible!


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