Product Recall: Garden of Life's RAW Meal

During the last two weeks, Garden of Life and their Utah manufacturer have extensively conducted new rounds of product testing covering well over 1000 finished lots, bulk blends and raw materials. Throughout all of this testing, we’ve coordinated with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, our suppliers and manufacturers and our own third-party experts.

Garden of Life is now able to share with you that we’ve identified the likely source of Salmonella contamination to be Organic Moringa Leaf powder from a supplier used only in RAW Meal. This source only supplies Moringa to the manufacturer of RAW Meal that began being used in September. This Moringa is not used in any other Garden of Life product or by any other manufacturer. This means there is no risk to any other Garden of Life product and no other Garden of Life products are affected. Only RAW Meal was exposed.

What You Can Do

Bring your RAW Meal back to us for a full refund! Check to see if your container might be contaminated here:

Thanks for your patience and understanding! We want to ensure the products you get from us are safe.

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