Featured Wellness Ambassador: Susan Schroeder

Susan will be teaching Bowspring at our Highlands market on Saturday May 30, 10-11:15am. $10/person.

My focus for the last 16+ years (which began in my high school Humanities class at Manual) has been exploring the multi-dimensional path of yoga and all the vitally expansive ways this practice can continuously transform my life for the better from the inside out.

I began teaching in Louisville in 2007 once I returned from living on the West Coast.  It was there I finished my first of many intensive trainings which have all helped to strength and refine my voice as a teacher from my own dedicated studentship.  The diverse studies I have completed, under some of the best teachers around the globe in this field, have now brought me to a relatively newer conversation in the movement world.

The organic alignment of the Bowspring template, which has its roots in the traditions of yoga, is blossoming into its own powerful limb as a therapeutic modality for holding & moving the body with optimal integrity using the natural curvature of the spine.  This significant shift has allowed me to exponentially grow leaps and bounds over the last two years, and has led me to open a new body-mind wellness center in St. Matthews, Louisville Bowspring, with some of the most prominent teachers and influential voices advocating for overall health and wellness for our great city.  

Since March 1st, 2015,  we have begun strongly cultivating a health oriented community open to everyone; offering accessible Bowspring classes everyday for all levels, as well as diversifying our workshop offerings and collective monthly intentions, our goal is to educate, engage, and empower all who are interested and curious to discover their own greatest potential, which lies much closer to the surface, ready to be tapped into, than most realize.  

Outside our studio space, I continue to offer classes around Louisville, collaborating with other great community leaders and teachers, as a wellness advocate, promoting in unique ways, my own passion to further our healthy hometown's mission for compassionate well-being and mindful living.  

My love for Rainbow Blossom has been growing as long as I can remember.  I am so grateful for the fabulous & knowledgeable staff, access to local growers and organic foods, the diverse wellness offerings, and most importantly the sense of community- I always feel so welcome, like part of the family, every time I come in to shop! The best part of my experience is, of course, getting my extra boost of good luck as I pass by Buddha's Belly every time I leave!

Learn more and follow my journey at: www.suzenyoga.org and www.louisvillebowspring.com

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