Featured Wellness Ambassador: Laura Porter Blackburn

I am a Pilates Instructor and business owner.  I certified in 1999/2000 from The Pilates Center of Boulder, Colorado, known as the Harvard of Pilates Schools worldwide.  I discovered the Pilates Method in 1995, and then went on to study in NYC in 1998 with Deborah Lesson.  In preparing to move to Paris, France in 2000, I decided to seek a comprehensive Pilates Training Program, and relocated in 1999 to Boulder to enter the certification program there.  I have owned Pilates Studios in Paris, France, in Orvieto, Italy, and since 2011 here in Louisville, KY, where I live with my Italian family.  The Pilates Method is a beautifully designed system of corrective exercise by Joseph H. Pilates, which unifies mind, body and spirit to generate TRUE HEALTH throughout the body by establishing uniform development of all body systems as much as possible in a given client.

I work with ages 7-94 to promote precise, centered, economy of movement, a responsive, alert mind, improved body awareness and balance, and cardiovascular fitness starting with foot health all the way up through the breath and alignment of the spine.  Fluency in the language of the body.  We are also a Green Studio in many ways, and give regularly to fund children in the moving arts.

I not only love Rainbow Blossom, but find it an essential part of a community trying to establish harmony and wellness both in the body and in the community.  Connecting local farms and organic product to our tables, and therefore to our bodies, provides the fuel we need to reach our personal goals, and to achieve satisfaction and delight in our lives.  Healthy eating creates the energy required to explore and commit to healthy movement!

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