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One of our employees has been nominated for a ROSE Award, which stands for Recognition of Service Excellence. These awards are given to the unsung heroes of our industry who have committed themselves to a career in tourism. Awards are offered in the categories of Accommodations, Attractions, Behind the Scenes, Dining, Transportation and Volunteers.

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We recognize service excellence because hospitality is critical for our city, which attracts 12.7 million visitors annually, provides thousands of jobs and contributes nearly $1.4 billion to our city’s economy every year. When our hospitality employees roll out the red carpet for our visitors, they come back again and again. That’s worth celebrating.

The ROSE awards will be held on Friday, November 14, 2014 at the Louisville Marriott Downtown, with a reception from 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and the awards presentation from 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. All nominees are invited to attend the ROSE awards with a guest of their choice, and organizations that nominated the star employee are encouraged to attend to support their nominee.

Chris Kenealy

Stock/ Packaging Assistant – Less Than 1 Year

Chris Kenealy is a client of Cedar Lake, the region’s largest non-profit care provider for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It is with great pride that he represents adults with disabilities in a professional atmosphere and demonstrates a commitment to contributing his talents to the community.

Since Chris’s employment at Rainbow Blossom, he has taken greater initiatives to practicing better health choices for himself, and also assisted with a recent presentation to demonstrate healthy cooking to Cedar Lake staff. He proudly brought and distributed small snack packs of a healthy seed/nut mix that he is in charge of packaging from bulk at the store.

While his efforts “Behind the Scenes” at Rainbow Blossom packing items for sale may not be very noticed, the influence of what the store contributes to health and wellness is felt by all; customers and behind the scenes workers.

Chris puts forth great effort to make a good impression on the customers. He even helped come up with a script to use when customers are entering the store and leaving the store. No matter what, he never misses the opportunity to say “Hello! Welcome to Rainbow Blossom.” Or “Have a nice day!”

He independently opens the store on Saturday mornings at 6 am. Tarc 3 will sometimes drop him off 45 minutes early. However, he will wait until 5:55 am to clock in, respecting the hours that Tracy, his supervisor, has given him. He is always asking me ways he can improve his efficiency with sweeping and mopping. His co-workers all adore him and have a deep admiration for his dedication and work ethic. Before starting at Rainbow Blossom, he researched their website and memorized the history of the store. When he met the owner, he basically recited the entire history to him: when the store opened, why it’s called Rainbow Blossom and that his “wife is named Pumpkin.”

Nominated by Ali Hawthorne

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