The Tibetan Acupressure System: A Compassionate Touch Therapy

contributed by Rae Hatherton, ND., NCTMB

WHAT IS IT? Tibetan Acupressure Compassionate Touch is an ancient system of reflexive pressure point healing, which accesses the body’s natural corrective energies in order to bring it to balance. The system is subtle, profound and especially efficient at eliminating pain, and restoring a sense of well-being on all levels. Compassion practices offer a mindful context for the acupressure session and set up a healing circuit of compassionate energy  between the person delivering and the one receiving.

HOW IS IT DONE? Tibetan Acupressure Compassionate Touch is usually administered with the partner sitting upright and fully dressed in a chair, wheelchair, or alternatively with the partner lying in a bed or on a massage table. It is a simple system and has been taught world wide to lay people, therapists, nurses and caregivers of all ages who wish to learn a hands on compassionate touch therapy.

WHAT IS THE VALUE: Tibetan Acupressure Compassionate Touch teaches the participant about touch and the importance of presence when connecting with another.  Conscious touch is an important and often neglected component of human relations in this world of high tech. This practice is an effective means for people to learn a simple and non-intrusive way to offer comfort and compassion to others while being effective in relieving their pain.

Pain cessation is one of the major benefits of the system, resulting in reduction of stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, post operative stress and the side effects of cancer treatment. A special protocol has been developed for inducing labor and reducing the pain of labor in childbirth.

WHO TEACHES IT? Rae Hatherton ND., NCTMB. best selling author and healer, developed the program including the manuals, CD’S and a DVD. She has been teaching it internationally since 2001. For 12 years Rae studied intensively with a Tibetan monk who trained her in many healing modalities. She integrated her own knowledge and training as a healer with the compassion practices learned through her studies delivering this powerfully effective acupressure reflexive point therapy.

The modality is taught in the USA, Canada, England, Australia and Germany. The system has CE hours for massage therapy and alternative modalities in the USA, Canada and Australia.

There are several certified practitioners in the Louisville area. Check the website under practitioners for more information.

Dates for this year in Louisville are:

Level One – Monday April 21rst 2014 – 6-9 PM Community Room – Rainbow Blossom Gardiner Lane

Certification Course Level Two and Three –

April 25,26,27, 2014 – 9AM – 5PM daily - Plus one evening TBA.

Consult the website for further course information and feel free to call:

Additional Birthing Protocol Day Monday April 28 – 10 to 4


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