Cleansing – Why is it so important and what is it?

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A GREAT time to detoxify and cleanse your body is during the change of seasons.  This is the perfect time to provide your body with good quality nutrition that will re-energize your system, preparing you for the long cold or hot months ahead, and help your body deal with the different types of stresses that can come with each season.

For most Americans who consume the Standard American Diet (SAD) good energy and vitality is not going to be at its best.  The (SAD) diet with all its excess sugar, red meat, caffeine, fast foods, processed foods and soft drink consumption can leave us with a weakened immune and digestive system. 

Doing a proper cleanse program will  provide your body with high quality fiber, nutrients, proteins and liquids that will help give you the energy you need to get your mind and body in shape for all the responsibilities and stresses that come with daily living.

I call my cleanses Food Cleanses because food is exactly what they are all about.  There is no deprivation, no extreme fasting and no added supplements.  This cleanse is all about healthy and nutritious eating. 

You will find yourself becoming in touch with your body and learning to recognize what foods might be causing challenges for your body.  You will experience powerful changes, inside your body and outside, and be prepared to bring your relationship with food into a much greater focus. You will experience changes such as weight-loss, high energy, better focus and clear skin.  Allergies you have battled for a lifetime subside or disappear completely.  You will have a positive and uplifting attitude change and a deep insight into your relationship with food.

Pure Balanced Health Cleanses concentrates on four areas:

Healthy Eating – a gentle elimination of unhealthy types of foods and drinks while allowing yourself, for 28 days, to substitute healthy foods, liquid type nutrients, healthy fiber and good clean detoxifying water.  This cleanse will help your body to naturally “flush” out excess waste that has accumulated over the season and provide your cells with lots of quality nutrients that can truly help cleanse, detoxify, revitalize and properly balance the pH in your body for better oxygen and nutrient circulation and absorption. 

Movement – daily suggestions for moving your body, to build muscle and create flexibility and balance and eliminate stress.  Movement is the foundation to all health.

SpiritualitySpiritual nutrition can feed us on a very deep level and dramatically diminish cravings for the superficial rewards of life.  Developing spiritual openness and sensitivity can add depth and meaning to your life, nourishing you on a profound level.  For centuries cleansing has been seen as a spiritual quest.  Cleansing gives you a chance to move inward and reflect on your mind, body and spirit.


Relationship with Food – Through daily journaling, breathing exercises and meditation, we will focus strongly on understanding our relationship with food and why we make the choices we do with food. 


So, Why Do People Choose To Cleanse?

·         Many people choose to cleanse because they want to clear up a particular health concern.  By eliminating toxins in the body for a set period of time it is possible to alleviate certain health issues and avoid sickness and disease.   It is also possible to determine what the cause of these issues might be.

·         Others choose a structured cleanse like mine because they want to have more energy and lose weight.  They realize that the diet and lifestyle they have been living is not working for them anymore.  They are beginning to feel lethargic, experience weight gain and bloat and feel “under the weather” too often. 

·         Some people want to create a new relationship to food, either more focus on healthier eating, getting off the food rollercoaster or eliminating negative thoughts surrounding their food consumption.

·         Other people need a change in their lifestyle and cleansing not only helps your body but also helps to create mental clarity.  And, for a lot of people, including me, cleansing is a great way for those of us who feel “overcooked” from either the volume or types of food consumed on a daily basis.

After cleansing for 28 days, you will feel lighter and more energetic.<span>&nbsp; </span>Your body will be in good shape, having more immunity and keeping you at your best during the months ahead.

During my fall 2013 Cleanse, with a total of 16 participants, we had a total weight-loss of 97.3 lbs.  That’s an average of 6 lbs. per person and I can guarantee you that no one in the group felt deprived of food.  Some lost a lot more than others, but everyone seemed to be happy with their numbers.  By week 4 you are feeling so energetic and positive that it’s hard not to be happy!!

My Spring Cleanse will be starting up on April 3rd.&nbsp; If you would like more information please feel free to call or visit my web site:


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