Featured Wellness Ambassador - Dr. Elizabeth Tamminga

Dr. Elizabeth Tamminga, Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Elizabeth Tamminga, Doctor of Chiropractic

I became a Maximized Living doctor because I have a huge passion to help people achieve true health and happiness. I came across Maximized Living while in Chiropractic school. They held a workshop on the five essentials, and I knew right away that it was right I needed to be. It's what I like to call "the nudge". You know, when God places that weight on your chest that you need to move forward? Well luckily I followed that nudge. Fast forward five years and here I am today! I practice with my fiancé, and we teach those five essentials of health which are: Maximized Mindset, Nerve supply, Nutrition, Oxygen and Lean Muscle, and Minimizing Toxins. Through the five essentials we are able to see such amazing healing occur. I feel blessed to be trusted with the tools and knowledge to be able to deliver this care. 

I love Rainbow Blossom for so many reasons! First off, everyone I have met who works there has been great; always in a good mood and willing to help. I also love how Rainbow Blossom is involved in the community, and that they source their products local whenever possible. There is so much information available to anyone who is looking to change their lifestyle or broaden their borders. I believe that through the workshops and educational courses, the CSA, the farmers market, and more, that everyone can find something that interests them- all towards the greater purpose of getting healthier. And that is really what it's about right! I mean, without our health, how well can we achieve everything that is important to us? What I mean is, how well can we care for our children is we're sick, how well can we serve God if we're sick? Or function at work? So health is always the number one priority!

I'm so glad that through Rainbow Blossom we have the products and information necessary to get back to health without damaging our body long term! And it doesn't hurt that the Middletown location is just a few doors over, and I can send patients there knowing they are in good hands. ;-) Thank you Rainbow Blossom for being so great! 

Learn more about Maximized Living and Dr. Liz at www.mllouisville.com and www.facebook.com/middletownfamilychiropractic

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