Thanksgiving 2014


What kind of turkey do I want this year?

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Organic Turkey

Turkeys are raised according to uniform standards that are verified by independent state or private organizations.  Certifications includes inspections of farm fields and processing facilities, detailed record keeping and periodic record keeping, and periodic testing of soil and water to ensure that growers and handlers are meeting the standards which have been set.
Turkeys are fed grains that have been organically grown and are not genetically modified. Turkeys are never given hormones, antibiotics or any chemical medicines.  The birds are usually raised in large barns with good light and ventilation and are not altered in any way.

Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey

The Bronze has been the most popular turkey variety for most of American history.  It originated from crosses between the domestic turkeys brought by European colonists to the Americas and the eastern wild turkeys found upon their arrival.  This became a vigorous bird, larger and tamer than the wild ones.  The coppery bronze colored metallic sheen which gives the variety its name was part of the inheritance from its wild ancestors.  In the early 1900’s breeders sought to create a larger bird and the result is the Bronze Broad Breasted that we see today.  This bird was the preferred Thanksgiving turkey until the late 40’s.  Our Bronze’s are raised by the Schlosnagle family in Shelby County and are grazed on “Pumpkin Pastures”.  These birds are never administered hormones, antibiotics or chemical medications. 

Free Range/Pastured Turkey

Birds are raised in the out doors during the day and are only confined during the evening hours for their safety. They are fed grain and are allowed to forage for bugs, roots, worms etc to augment their feed.  The grain they are fed may or may not be organically grown. Frequently the farmer grows grain for the feed in the same location. These birds are never administered hormones, antibiotics or chemical medications. 

Whatever your preference you will not go wrong with any of the above choices.

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Rainbow Blossom!

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