Highlands {Gardiner Lane Shopping Center}

Our Highlands market, located at 3046 Bardstown Road, has a gallery space available for displaying work by a featured artist for a 3 month period, beginning with an Opening Celebration on a Friday evening. Artist are selected by a team at Rainbow Blossom based on how well we believe your art to fit with our markets, our mission, and your plan to promote the exhibit. To be considered as a featured artist, please read the Artist Contract and complete the form at the bottom of the page. Thank you!

Our current artist at our Highlands Market is Kenya Haynes .

Her art will be on display through December.

Kenya is a mixed media abstract artist, specializing in fluid art. Every piece is unique. Every piece tells it's own story. “Spirit Art is anything channeled with the intention to be a message from the Divine, though because not everything is so cut and dry and because some messages are received visually, audibly, and in dreams, it can be hard to tell what is spiritually-received without speaking to the artist first about their inspirations or without the artist coming right out and saying it. “