Highlands {Gardiner Lane Shopping Center}

Our Highlands market, located at 3046 Bardstown Road, has a gallery space available for displaying work by a featured artist for a 3 month period, beginning with an Opening Celebration on a Friday evening. Artist are selected by a team at Rainbow Blossom based on how well we believe your art to fit with our markets, our mission, and your plan to promote the exhibit. To be considered as a featured artist, please read the Artist Contract and complete the form below. Thank you!

Our current artist at our Highlands Market is Andy Perez.

His art will be on display through October.

The opening reception for his work will be Thursday August 9th, 5 - 7 PM

Artist Bio: Andy Perez

"I love using paint and paper to make images that have a strong connection with the viewer. Subject matter ranges from Hollywood to the woods behind my house. Celebrities, meditation, location, and current events in popular culture are all sources of inspiration form my work. I am interested in exploring themes of death/grief, wealth and celebrity, and cultural identity. Beginning a piece with a highly recognizable image gives me an accessible structure to work through larger ideas. I use my art to help guide me on my spiritual path." - Andy Perez