Our Highlands market, located at 3046 Bardstown Road, has a gallery space available for displaying work by a featured artist for a 3 month period, beginning with an Opening Celebration on a Friday evening. Artist are selected by a team at Rainbow Blossom based on how well we believe your art to fit with our markets, our mission, and your plan to promote the exhibit. To be considered as a featured artist, please read the Artist Contract and complete the form below. Thank you!




Our current artist on display is Jonathan Ott (aka Juju Cobb). Jonathan was raised in Louisville, Kentucky, where he developed his drawing techniques at a young age, receiving free apprenticeship under his mother, who, as an artist herself, defied the old adage which states 'those who can't do it, teach it.' And so, Jonathan grew up drawing whatever it was that he was interested in at the time, including movies, books, music, and sexuality, as a way of processing it, understanding it, and experiencing it. After a brief detour in his adult life as a graphic designer (during which time he received a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Arts from The University of Louisville), Jonathan returned to the business of starving artistry, and now uses his powers primarily to bring enjoyment to his own life. His subjects often reflect his diverse background in art, with several of his pieces referring to cinema, pop culture, gender dynamics, famous artists, and even advertising.