Our Highlands market, located at 3046 Bardstown Road, has a gallery space available for displaying work by a featured artist for a 3 month period, beginning with an Opening Celebration on a Friday evening. Artist are selected by a team at Rainbow Blossom based on how well we believe your art to fit with our markets, our mission, and your plan to promote the exhibit. To be considered as a featured artist, please read the Artist Contract and complete the form below. Thank you!







Our current artist on display is Kelly McCarthy.  Kelly is a self-taught artist, massage therapist, and mother of 4.  She has always seen the world in bold color and been fascinated by the connectivity of everything.  Kelly received her first easel while in college studying pre-med, and it has sat in a place of honor in all of the many homes she has created of the years.  After graduating from Miami University in 1996, she moved to Oregon to study midwifery and herbs.  She had her first two solo shows in Eugene, OR, then moved to Louisville, KY, in 2001.  Kelly graduated from the Louisville School of Massage in 2003, and has been a practicing massage therapist ever since.  She has two teenage sons, two lively daughters with whom she is unschooling, and lives a simple life painting and massaging at home with kids and art.